Splinter Cell Re-Releases Creeping Up On The PS3 In 2011

As we expected, seeing as it was leaked earlier in the year, Ubisoft will next year be re-releasing a box set of older Splinter Cell games on the PlayStation 3.

Called The Splinter Cell Trilogy, it's essentially a second release of a box set first put out on the PlayStation 2, only this time with "high definition" graphics. The three games included are Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.

The Prince of Persia Collection was "royally ugly". Here's hoping Ubisoft put a little more effort into Sam Fisher's first three adventures.


    if the price is right i wil get it.

    So would this be just HD versions of the PS2 games or HD versions of the Xbox/PC games ported that Ubisoft couldn't make work on PS2 in their original form back then?

    Judging from the cover art there, I think it's safe to say they'll be the 'dumbed-down' PS2 versions.

    Hmm, might be worth getting just to get Chaos Theory coop working, never once had good luck with that on PC

    Next year's titles keep getting better, with not only brand spanking new sequels, but progression with re-releases. Should be a very good year for the ps3 indeed

    I loved chaos theory! I wonder if this version will stil have the trailer for the splinter cell movie that never was made xD

    When all is said and done, the Splinter Cell games look pretty good anyway, so I'm going to be happy regardless.

    I've got them all on PC anyway though, so kinda w/e.

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