Star Wars Has Rarely Looked This Good

Savvy collectors may already be aware of artist Tyler Stout, who whips up re-imagined movie posters. These Star Wars pieces are his latest work. And maybe his best.

Sure, his Last Starfighter poster was great, and his Iron Man one was greater, but these are going to take some beating.

There are six available, three regular editions (one from each movie) and three limited runs. "Limited" being a relative term, of course, since no poster is being made in numbers greater than 850.

The "Revenge of the Jedi" title is a nice touch, but if the gods are smiling, that Empire Strikes Back one will be mine.

The posters will go on sale sometime later today, and will be available here.


    I'm a massive Star Wars fan, so i should be all "woah, those are awesome!"

    ...but i'm not...

    i hate them.. i seriously hate them.. i just think they are plain ugly...

    maybe there's something wrong with me?

      It's not just you. I wouldn't touch one of those with a barge pole.

    If I got them as a present I would def hang them in my office the art is really different but I don't know about purchasing them something feels off about them to be. Not getting a real star wars geek vibe from them.

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