Steam Plays A Game That Could Win You 100 Games

Valve is giving Steam users a new way to win video games - up to a hundred of them! - and even score some new headwear in Team Fortress 2. The "Great Steam Treasure Hunt" is a game for winning games.

From December 6 to 19, Steam users are tasked with completing online and in-game objectives, like setting up a Steam avatar and unlocking The Heavy's Iron Curtain in Poker Night at the Inventory, which can lead to winning free games. Prizes will be handed out bi-daily to lucky winners and at the end of the whole affair, Valve will hand out 100 games to three lucky Steam users.

There are also deals to be had, like cheaper copies of R.U.S.E. and even cheaper copies of Chime. Begin the hunt!

The Great Steam Treasure Hunt [Steam]


    Mad props for topical use of a still from The Goonies.

    Discount games, on a time limit, tied to achievements to enter a competition to win more games.

    This is specifically designed to get money out of people who have a pokemon personality like me

    Hey, it's a young Josh Brolin in that pic. No Country for Old Men FTW.

    Something has changed at Valve, they're obviously money grabbing alot more. If this doesn't become something where they sink all their money into Episode 3 to make it 4D I'm going to be upset.

      giving away games and having sales = money grabbing?

        There are OMFG TF2HATS if you complete these and to participate you have to buy games. It's like an expensive lottery.

    Well, I personally think it's kind of fun. You just need to remember that the Epic Hat of Far Too Much Spare Time has no tangible effect on gameplay and that the odds of winning anything here are minimal, so there's no reason (in my opinion) to play the game seriously.

    That and don't go overboard with buying things on sale, but if you survived the massive sale last month, that shouldn't be too hard. =)

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