Stories Of The Year #2: Team Fortress 2

It's the last week of the year, so we've decided to go into the Kotaku backlogs and pick out the most popular stories of 2010. Some are interesting, some are funny, some are flat out stupid.

If you like to hear people swear continuously, then you're gonna love this.

Stories of the Year: Team Fortress 2 Video: Meet The F-Bomber


    Anything with an "NSFW" tag will guarantee lots of clicks. I would bet my left nut that the number one story has it too.

      You, Sir, have just lost your left nut!

      Keep making bets like that and next time I address a comment to you it will be "Miss."

    I can't see the video in the original article.

    you'd think that this would get a lot of views, since kotaku links come up on TF2's steam page, so more people would have noticed it

    and yea, Gabe saw the cretinous also did enjoy his awesome creation, and so created mute, and it was good.

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