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    Tonne of stuff:


    2 - What does everyone think of this:
    I, for one, am glad that this guy is uncovering the political crap that goes on. A hero amongst men!

    3 - Anyone listen to Amanda and Jonesey this morning? They talked about the R18+ rating... and get this... they were IN FAVOUR of it! Newfound respect for those folks!

    4 - KotakAU game group is going well, expect some news soon!

    I'll add more to this list as I remember it! XD


      Actually, I just saw it again, only 718 comments last week...

      ... disappointing effort people...

      One last thing:
      Mark, why is there a "US Comments" tab for articles pulled from KotakUS? It clearly doesn't work... and does anyone really read the US comments?

      I suggest removing it and just keeping KotakAU comments. Just my 2 cents (I swear, I'm up to about 2 dollars worth of 2 cents' I submit to KotakAU! I expect re-imbursement soon!)


      Hey dude - sorry i've been a bit slack lately, but i hope to get some contributions for your Cheapskate gamer thread this week too.

      Hopefully we can make this thing bigger than ever.

      Little idea, maybe once a week you could highlight a free to play game? Maybe an abandon ware title or even newer free to play titles..

        Don't worry bout it man, lots of quality this week, ask Mark!

        As to the free-to-play, good idea, I'll try to get it in as a last minute addition, hopefully Mark won't mind! XD

      I'm replying in relation to point 2, I have no problems with the leaked documents, or WikiLeaks for hosting them, and while I have no problem with whoever leaked the documents, I think the focus should be on them, as opposed to Wikileaks, although, probably not them personally, as that could end really badly.

      But Wikileaks is essentially doing what ACA or Today Tonight or those other crap shows (or the actually vaguely decent ones on the ABC that I can't remember the name(s?) of. They've gotten information from an internal source, and under journalistic integrity rules (rules mind, that I made up in my head), I don't think Wikileaks/the guy who created it/ whoever should be punished.

      Some of them, relating to relocation stuff, I'm not sure if they should have been hosted, but the majority of it is just amusing.

      Some US high up person pretty much got it right when he said that people aren't allies with the US because they like them, they're allies because they need them, so I doubt anything will eventuate because of these, and I don't think anyone should be punished.

        I agree to an extent. I think that Julian was perfectly within his right to post those documents! It is free speech after all!

        I think its abhorrant that "democratic" governments are hiding such significant secrets (K.Rudd talking about attacking China, wtf?!) from their people.

        As to people being punished, the politicians who are saying these things should be punished! Some of them are honest, and that's fine, but others are sleazy and dirty and should be dealt with appropriately.

        Completely non-sequitor to this discussion:
        I hate the fact that the government can spend millions ($72m I think) on bringing Oprah here, and then go on to say with a straight face that they don't have enough funding for hospitals and education! GRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

        /political rage

          It's costing $72 million to bring Oprah here? Holy fucknuggets.

          The sad part is, it will probably be worth it in the long run, Oprah's value as a brand is huge.

          And since the majority of my family is either Doctors or Teachers (or in a fair few cases, both) I fully promote more funding for both sectors :P.

          But in all seriousness, back to the documents, what K. Rudd said was, in my opinion, quite fair. He said we'd need a tough stance on China, but that they should be integrated better into the international community, and that I can understand. I've flicked through some of the documents, and some are kind of funny, if only because of the way they describe foreign powers :/.

          However, some of the stuff is pretty bad, like the US spying on UN delegates, and I think there's a few major problems when this is happening.

          So yeah, punish some politicians, I endorse this idea heartily.

            The Oprah trip is closer to $3 million.

              No no no. $3 million is tax payer funded. Then there's also the Tourism NSW funding of half a million, the Federal Government security provided (estimated at over $2 million), McDonald's sponsorship, QANTAS sponsorship, Opera House Lockdown, etc, etc, etc...

              In reality, the $76 was blown out of proportion, but I did read it was closer to about $56 million. I'll link if I can re-find that article again...

    I'm moving out with a couple of friends this week. As an introverted video gaming shut-in is there anything I should pay particular attention to?

      Open the windows once in a while, order pizza 3 times a week at most, and enjoy the brilliance of pure gaming heaven!

      Good luck!

      Maggi noodles - the forgotten food group

        I'm a Mi Goreng man myself.

          Mi Goreng is great, and I really like brands like IndoMie, but one packet has like 80% of your daily sodium intake! I'll probably end up living off them anyway... or just buy a single pumpkin and eat pumpkin soup for a week.

          Yeah, Mi Goreng has it all over Magi...

          It feels more like a meal and has a wonderful thing i like to call 'flavor'.

          Just don't eat too much of it or your gut may well rot.

          As for advice, moving in with friends always has heaps of room to go VERY sour leaving friendships sullied beyond repair. Respecting each others privacy and boundaries is essential. It's ok to have a joke around and all that stuff, just don't push it too far, you have to live with these people.

          Also, as Tad suggested, Airing out the place is a damn good idea.. and for gods sake - try and keep the place at least a little tidy! lol

            Oh, and most of all - have fun :P

              As a doctor (may or may not be a doctor) I can tell you that the real danger with Mi Goreng is vitamin C deficiency. We had some cases a few years back, where uni students here in Canberra got scurvy from their crap diets.

              As a secondary note, screw tidyness, everything is second to gaming!

                Having scurvey woulda gone down a hit on talk like a pirate day... yaaargh...

        Let's not forget Fantastic Noodles!

        They're Fantastic! :p

        The best soup noodles on earth for non spicy fans, is called 今麦郎 (in case you can't read chinese text, the pinyin is JinMaiLang. They have a Stewed pork flavour that is to die for! Soooo damn good! Can't recall if there's any english writing on the pack though, so could be tough to find ;) I can get them at several woolworths shops around my area though, so others in aus might have em too.
        Another noodle which I love (not soup noodle this time) is made by Shangai Nikko Food Co.. no idea what they're called really cos my wife's not here to translate atm, but if you look at this pic, it's the pack in the middle ;) You can get em from any good chinese grocer! Superb!

    @ Mark - Just a reminder, you were going to in the TAY in the Editor's Pick Section...


    So close to having enough hardware for Black Ops on PC, and my motherboard is having a hissy fit trying to accept the new CPU... *sigh* So now I'm stuck with my old one, one model down from the minimum CPU req and it goes at 100% during battles. -.-

      Did you check to see if there's a BIOS update for your mobo?

        I looked online and some said upgrade the bios, but it didn't seem to help much. It's an Asus P5K-E mobo and the processor I bought is an E8400, same line and model as my E6550 which I currently have put in now.

        Basically what happens is that it crashes on the boot screen, you know where you see the processor and RAM details among other checks it does. It can see the processor and identify it but then it just freezes and keystrokes are disabled.

          Sounds almost like a dodgy CPU... if clearing the bios settings (removing the battery/shorting the reset jumper/etc) doesn't fix things, I'd take the CPU back and get another one...

          Ok.. well there's 2 types of e8400.. one is supported from BIOS v0906 and the other is supported from v1102. So you might have to update your bios. It's easy enough if you have a floppy drive.. depending on the way the motherboard is structured, you might not need one, but it's easier if you do. Simply go to the asus website, download the bios update and the bios utility, copy them to a bootable floppy, and run the utility to update the bios.. you should have no problems running the cpu after that. I can help guide you more if needed.

            Nah it's easy enough I got a floppy on it for last resort measures, and now it seems I'm glad I did :). I never done a bios update before but I have booted from floppy before, so it should be pretty straight forward right?

            Oh yeah Gobbo, this was completely right out of the box and into the comp, I know how to handle hardware as well, I did an advanced diploma, meaning I got the real hands on in IT :). I think it's just the board being out of date, so I'll try to bios update tonight, if that doesn't work, that board can go to my brother along with my radeon graphics card :) and I buy a new brand spanking new one for myself. I win either way!

              yer should be pretty straight forward. There should even be a readme in the bios update to tell you what to do. Depending on what update tool they use for that bios, it'll either be a command line, or an old dos style UI. Either way they're not hard to do at all. Usually takes me about 2mins to update a bios at work from go to whoa.

    I just scored another paid day off work! w00t! So excited I'm not quite sure what to do with it! ;)

      I actually got to see a bit of Sunrise this morning too since I wasn't busy getting ready for work! I got out of the shower and went to make coffee, and as I walked past the tv, who should be gracing my screen but the awesome Seamus Byrne giving it straight to Kochie! I actually heard Kochie ask about a flood of banned games coming in if the R18+ rating went through, and Seamus was quick to point out that there's only been half a dozen games ever banned! w00t! way to stick it to the man Seamus! Score one for the good guys!!!

        The children!
        Won't SOMEBODY please thing of the children!
        Also, was watching the news on the weekend on the day O'Connor said the government supported it; cue news report of one of the family people saying their things, and a bunch of random teenagers (they found in front on an EB) going all :< over it. "They're not that bad!" one of them said. I think a guy from EFA only got a few seconds out before they cut to someone else. Interestingly enough, the only decent comment came out of O'Connor himself.
        I forget where I was going with this.

        Also, "Seamus Byrne giving it straight to Kochie!".*giggles*

          I saw that news report last night as well. Those kids in front of EB couldn't have just shut their mouths, could they?

      Lucky you.. lol

      DO what any of us would do, and play it like it's hot...


        Or go back to bed. What I'd do for a decent sleep-in these days... :( *sigh*

          See, personally if i go back to bed i'll wake up feeling like Sarah Jessica Parker's face for the rest of the day...

          Not pleasant.. So yeah, basically once i'm awake, i'm awake!

          went to bed at 12.
          Got woke up by noisy drunken neighbours at 3:30.
          Got back to sleep at 4:00.
          Got woke up again at 7:00 by neighbour with a leaf blower.
          Tried to go back to sleep.
          Had to get up at 8:00 to get to work.

          I hate Mondays!

      Sweet! I would say write some more great tutorials, but you should take it easy instead :) My work gave me the last 2 weeks off (I think). I still went to the office waiting for phone calls but nothing ever came through. I just spent the time working on the Kotaku-AU game site. I'm starting to think I should've called in, but I didn't want to jinx it.

        yeah more tuts are on the cards. haven't yet decided what to do next though. That rigging one reminded me how much of a bitch it is to write em ;) I used to do them all the time when I had a site at planetquake, but that was back in the days when I would happily stay up for 3 days straight and not care ;)

          Yeah cool, they're really good. I think I might even be able to get into 3D. I'll start looking for cow models. Or cows with wheels on their feet (like Skidmarks on the Amiga). I'm going to update the wiki controls now so you can build tables and change the formatting easily.

        Totally agreed!

        Collabratory is turning into not only a Project Management System, but also a learning resource! Loving the tutorials you guys are putting up!


    Ok so the TAY Text Based RPG i am writing up has suffered a set back - i had to scrap my rule set for becoming too complicated, so now i am re-writing it, which means we won't be able to get a start on character generation until Monday and our first adventure of the following Monday - i'm really sorry for the setback guys.

    In other news, my step dad had a heart attack on Saturday (his own fault, he eats nothing but crap and never exercises), so had to head down Melbourne ways to check in - i'm so sick of hospitals this year...

    On the plus side, we've finished the majority of our X-Mas shopping and have set up our tree, which ended up being a lot bigger than first thought, especially in our tiny 1 bedroom unit...

      Ah that's alright, I'm still pumped and ready to play, but what's the rules on character generation gonna be? We need tha manual! At times like this, I love RTFMing :D

      Sorry to hear about your step dad mate, hope he's gonna be alright.

        He'll be fine - his body pretty much dissolved his old stent, so they just had to replace it... kinda like when i change my brakes i guess... lol
        He'll be out early this week.

        Basically when it comes to character gen, it'll just be a case of choosing a class, a 'signiature' item and a spell or ability, spending on the class.

        It'll be very basic until you guys start fighting stuff and earning XP and new items.

        Also i'll be introducing "Critcal hits" and "critical misses" on D6 rolls of 6 or 1 respectively, as well as a chance during each combat for "stroke of luck" or "act of god(chuloopa)" scenarios. It won't happen during ever battle, but will basically either be somehting that will greatly benifit the party (extra xp/items) or greatly cripple the party (monster is chuck norris or somehting)..

        Also wondering if Serrelicious will be joining you guys in your adventures... :D

        Every battle will come with a bit of a story too, to keep things a little more entertaining.

          Sorry to hear about your step dad, glad he's going to be OK.

          As for the rule set, simple works wonders. You won't make anything memorable if it's too complicated, simplicity with a dash of something fresh will win it every time. It will also be more fun, and faster to get into.

          You can always build on it later, it's much harder to simplify a complicated rule set then the other way around :P


      Hey mate, hope the old boys tickers running strong again. :) Nothing sucks like hospitals, been in and out myself for last few weeks with a variety of lousy problems. But damn, why do I find female paramedics so hot!??

    I had a chance to play with a Kinnect this weekend (while drunk at a mates place).. impressive technology but I'll wait to there are better games!

    Although, in its defense we only played Kinnectimals, which is a lot of waiting for not a lot of action at times... We made it up to the first soccer ball kicking challenge, where after 10 or so unsuccessful attempts (which got a lot better then a lot worse) to get the gold medal, the stupid flying beaver insulted us, then the x-box popped up a warning telling us that we were old and should sit down before we hurt ourselves.. (well not in those words, but we knew thats what it meant!).. so we just went back to drinking!

      Dance Central is where it's at.

      [does 'what's up' hands]

        Only played the demo but.. is it Torch???

        I send a 'Torch' your way???

        I am trying to do a Dance Central joke but don't really know the move names too well. I spend most of my time trying not to punch the ceiling fan!

        Best menu interface btw... seems like good fun. Had a bunch of people (non gamers) around on the weekend and had a blast. Also put the wii in a bag after disconnecting it all. what do i do with it now?, do i place it in a pillow case and bury it in the backyard?

        I really don't want to think about the damage that may have resulted in... We almost destroyed the lounge room just trying to kick the soccer balls..

        Maybe it should include a warning about the potential damage to furniture, walls, people etc.. playing it drunk can result in...

        AHHH!!! GANG SIGNS!!!

        Call the Po-lice!

        Somehting i've wondered, in the more advanced stages of dance central does it teach you how to spin on your head?

        Because that would be rad...

          haha Gang signs? I assumed it was a HIMYM Barney style 'what up'?

    Just had a flick through the Daily Telegraph this morning. Most of the letters I've read are in support for the introduction of an R18+ rating. I might need to pinch myself.

    If one were searching for part- or full-time employment, where would one look?

    Seek is rubbish, only got retail and high-level jobs.

    LinkedIn is perfect, but not many jobs listed (I've actually gotten more offers over the last week than have been posted as jobs!)

    Gamasutra would be good... if any Australian jobs were listed...

    Where else can I look?

    Interested in IT related roles, entry-to-mid level. Strong in web development, programming, design and being annoying (P.S. Can I use you as a reference for that, Mark? XD).

    Come on Kotaku, I believe you can do it!

      Whirlpool has a jobs board, mostly related to IT:
      I'm not really sure how regularly updated it is though, but there always seems to plenty of listings.

        Yeah, I was going to suggest whirlpool.. most of those jobs are in the IT industry too which means you have a better chance of getting treated like a person!

        yeah.. whirlpool is great if you don't mind having your face chewed off by a bunch of whiney trolls :0

          Bad past experience there welbot?

          That is true tho, at least here its all fun, love, and sometimes borderline sexual harassment of the editors haha

          I wonder what gets Moderated out tho.. maybe Mark should do a showcase of 'the worst of 2010'?

            Yep this would be good. If there are any funny posts that are not approved, would love to hear a G rated version of them on here if at all possible. Not sure if this is a good idea or not but I like it!

            no past experience for me.. just what I have gathered from everytime I've ever been directed to a page over there.. those guys will snap like a twig if you're not with their ISP doing what they want and when they want it :0

            I'd love to see a regular "this week in moderation" style post.

          On WP I find the trolls tend to stick to the less-serious threads (ie gaming), while the jobs and technical kinda threads are normally pretty helpful and informative

      I work in Employment Services, so I have some ideas;

      Basically about 80% of jobs are gained through the 'hidden job market' i.e. jobs that are not advertised on seek etc.

      a great way to access this market is by canvassing, approaching a company you want to work at directly. A simple example would be going down to your local EB with a resume and having a chat with the manager.

      Importantly this technique can work in a business setting as well; find out some companies in that area you want to work for, and have a chat about career prospects with the manager, you have nothing to lose!

    So EB is having their Mad Monday sale today - some good bargains to be had.. including this one..


    If you don't get it, look at the was and is price...

    I might do a round up on all the worthwhile stuff on my lunch break :)

      LOL sale fail.

      I found the Xbox 4GB Kinect Bundle for $369 only, already $55 price drop less a month after Kinect release!? That's mad.

      On the topic of bargains, JBHifi's got 20% off games this Wednesday...

    Why is everyone so boring today? I've only got 1 week left in my internship, and hence have practically no work left!

    Please, I beg you, KotakAU community, help me alleviate this boredom! A word game, ANYTHING!!!!

    P.S. If you haven't realised how bored i am, look at the first 3 comments... I REPLIED TO MYSELF... TWICE! :(

      OK, in light of Loops being busy and stuff, and thus not doing stuff for his thing yet (man, I am so eloquent), I shall attempt to alleviate things with magic (and by magic, I mean by copying what I can remember of Zork, and trying (but most likely failing) to get people to respond).


      You're standing in a clearing, in what appears to be a light forest. You can feel the warm glow of the setting sun to your left, filtering softly through the leaves. In front of you there appears to be a small path, winding through the trees, although its destination is dark. You turn around, and notice a house behind you, a small amount of smoke drifting out of a stone chimney, and with what appears to be some light coming from inside.

      Coming to the sudden realisation that you have no idea how you got here, or what is going on, yu reach into you pocket and find a piece of string, twisted around itself in a neat bundle.

      You can:
      Examine -

      Go -

      Climb -

      Cast -


          You cast a fireball, flinging the burning mass forwards, towards the path in the trees. Conveniently, a Grue jumps out at the perfect moment, into the fireball, where it dies a horrible death. Curious, you wander over to the smouldering corpse, and discover a sword sticking out from its chest, obviously a relic of a previous traveller, who had not been as lucky as you. As you hold the sword, it feels natural in your hand, almost as if some divine providence had caused it to appear here, possibly the work of some creator being. Whatever the case, it is very convenient, so you slide the sword into your inventory (yes, inventory).

          Inventory -
          Possibly Magical Sword

          You can:
          Examine -
          Smouldering Wreck Of The Grue (please choose this one)

          Go –

          Climb –

          Cast –

          In the interest if speeding this up, you may do one examination, and one actual action, if you so wish, per uhh... turn.

            CAST – FIREBALL

              You cast a fireball.

              With nothing in its way, the fireball smashes into a nearby tree, quickly setting it ablaze. This conflagration grows, burning the Eucalypts that you so stupidly ignited. Soon, all you can see is the burning blaze, and as you bend over coughing, inhaling smoke into your weary lungs, you force yourself to think. There is less fire behind you, so you could run to the house, however there may be a way to fight the blaze - Magic. But since you only know one spell, you would quite literally be fighting fire, with fire.

              Inventory –
              Partially Thaumaturgically Related Blade

              You can:
              Examine -

              Go –
              TOWARDS THE HOUSE!

              Cast –

                CAST – FIREBALL


                  Honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Back when I was in year 9 we had a ten day hike that pretended it was a camp (a bivvy does not a camp make), so to entertain ourselves me and a friend would do these, the solutions were always the largest fireball possible.


                  Miraculously, your ability at throwing flaming balls of flame is so astoundingly magnificent that as you prepare another fireball, it sucks all the air away from the fire (yes, all of it, in an open area, eat that anybody who understands physics), before your fireball flies off, and simply incinerates the stumps of some few remaining trees. With the fire now tamed, you need now only worry about the long term effects of smoke on your lungs, such as emphysema, and the fact that your cloak is singed. With nothing else left to do, you wander into the house, which has miraculously remained untouched, despite the towering inferno of before. Inside the house, which is really a cottage more than anything else, but I'd rather not get into semantics, you see a desk sitting over what appears to be a cellar door. On top of the desk is a small Guinea Pig, sitting there, cleaning its paws, and looking at you with mournful eyes.

                  Inventory –
                  Potentially Fey Rapier

                  You can:
                  Examine -
                  Cellar Door
                  Mysterious Glowing Object-That-I-Just-Made-Up
                  Guinea Pig

                  Climb –
                  Onto Desk (do a jig)

                  Cast –
                  Fireball : at-
                  Cellar Door
                  Guinea Pig
                  General Direction (default option if nothing is chosen)

      Hi Lisa. Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers.

        My nose makes its own bubblegum!

          I'm a brick!

            Ralph: Miss Hoover, there's a dog in the airvent

            Miss Hoover: Ralph, do you remember when you said snaglepuss was outside?

            Ralph: He was going to the bathroom..

          The doctor told me my nose wouldn't bleed so much if I stopped sticking my finger in there!

        My cats name is Mittens... his breath smells like cat food.

        Sorry.. but this all made me laugh so hard i had to get us a few more!!! But yeah, Super nintendo Chalmers is the best!

        "And, when the doctor said I didn't have worms any more, that was the happiest day of my life."

        "What's a battle?"

        "Me fail English? That's unpossible."

        "Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me."

        "When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar."

          Miss Hoover!? My parents wont let me use scissors.

          The children are right to laugh at you Ralph. These things couldn't cut butter. Now take out your red crayons.

          Miss Hoover!? I don't have a Red Crayon.

          Why not??

          I ate it :S

          Miss Hoover!? I glued my head to my shoulder!

          I heard your dad went in a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant.

      How many words can you make out of the word:


      You're a slacker! You remind me of your father when he went here. He was a slacker, too.

        That's Strickland? Jesus. Didn't that guy ever have hair?

        Hello Johnny... does your mother still hang out at dockside bars?

    Man I sleep in a bit and you guys are off and running. Keep in mind I'm in QLD so I'm an hour further back. And it's technically my weekend now. So don't judge me!

    That being said, good to wake up to Seamus' interview. Good stuff.

      Could be worse.. you could be in WA... it's like they aren't even part of Australia..

        They are part of Australia... but it's still, like, 1950 back there.

        Hey! I resent that remark.

        Also, we here in WA reserve the right to secede at any time we choose. Except for 1933.

          Haven't a few of you guys done that already?

          I remember there being a micronation out there somewhere.

            You're most likely thinking of the Principality of Hutt River, the oldest micronation in Australia.


            Man, Wikipedia turns up the weirdest things.

        WA carries this country man. We got mining, money (which like a greedy splurging wife gets sucked away by the eastern states) and backwards poltiticians. What more can you want?

    You're not going to do something stupid like pretend to be famous people again, are you?


      wtf?! none of my replies are working!!!!

      This is meant to be a reply to Pierce Brosnan, which is meant to be a reply to me!!!!
      KotakAU hates me!!! :(



      This, Is God.

      I Don't Actually Have Anything Important To Say, I Just Like Saying "This, Is God," And Quoting Scripture.

      But Really, Where Have You Been Lately? I Haven't Seen You In A Movie For Ages. Correction, In A Good Movie.


        Hey God,

        It's me... James.

        Who was your favourite Bond?

          Now, My Answer Is Going To Be A Little Contentious, But My Favourite Bond Is Timothy Dalton.

          Why? Well, There's The Fact That He Almost Killed The Bond Franchise, Which Is Impressive, If Not Particularly Positive. But With Him As Bond, The Movies Took A Much Darker Turn, Long Before Daniel Craig, And Before It Was Really Cool.

          As An Aside, My Favourite Scene From A Bond Film Is The Ski Jump From The Start Of "The Spy Who Loved Me" If You Haven't Seen It, Look It Up, It's Incredible, And Just Remember Who's Saying This.

            I don't always agree with you God, but Timothy Dalton was an awesome Bond.

              Oh god, even Timothy Dalton has his fans?
              Why does nobody love me?

                Well, There's The Fact That The Skiing Scene In Your Movie Was Absolutely Atrocious.

                I Will Give You Some Points Though, Your Movie Did Lead To Some Great Jokes, However I'm Not Really Willing To Risk Posting Them Here, As They Are A Little... Exceedingly Uncouth, Immature, And In All Honesty, Wrong.

                Oh Yeah, You Also Broke The Fourth Wall, And That's Just Not On.

                  Thish is shilly.
                  You all obvioushly don't know what you're talking about..

                  You'll rue the day you left me with nothing but a shogy shaushage shandwich with shauce.. Shtupid shons of bitcheshhhhhhhh....

                I love you George and I love how you broke the 4th wall. ANd I love how you stole porno.

    Does someone want to write out an outline for my literature review chapter? I'm sitting here staring at all this summarized game and literary theory trying to figure out why I need to use any of it when I have such fantastic ideas of my own :P

    Tad, you're bored... I'm looking at you!

    Ok, I'll do it. Send me an outline of what I need to do to my email and I'll get it done after lunch :D

    Ok guys... EB GAMES Mad Monday Sale... This is all the stuff you need to know.. I hope you appreciate this as i'm doing instead of reading a book i really really like :P lol

    Anyway, here's the highlights

    GT5 - $74
    Pro Wireless controller (for those that like 360) $48

    Saints Row 2 Int Pack - $28

    RDR - $46

    Uncharted 2 - $28

    Fifa 11 - $58

    Ratchet and crank - a crack in time - $28

    NBA 2k11 - $58

    Force Unleashed 2 CE - $68

    God of war collection - $38

    Play TV - $98

    Naruto Ninja Storm blah blah 2 - $68

    R+C Tools of destructions $28

    Xbox 360:
    Halo Reach - $58
    Ltd Ed - $68

    Saints Row 2 Initiation Pack - $28

    Fable 3 CE - $88

    RDR - $46

    Force Unleashed 2 CE - $68

    Fifa 11 - $58

    NBA 2k11 - $58

    Splinter cell cnviction - $37

    Naturto - ninja storm 2 - $68
    sorry fans i couldn't be bothered typing the name..

    Lego Star wars - complete saga - $22

    Super Scriblenauts - $28

    Starcraft 2 -&68

    Razer Naga Mouse - $88

    Sims 3 - $38

    WOW Battlechest - $18

    Razer Lycosta Keyboard - $88

    Razer Lachesis Mouse - $68

    WOW Game Card - $35 - just incase you want to pick up that addiction again

    4gb Usb bottle opener - $18
    Because i think its neat

    Plants V Zombies - $8

    Stalker - Call of Pripriat $22

    There you have it... remember all sales are on line only with a C/C.

    Enjoy and i hope you see something you like..

      Wow, nice job! I'll just be a lazy hobo and add 1 thing:

      Red dead redemption, undead nightmare, only $28. It's stand alone, so no RDR is needed to play this, and it's all the DLC, meaning you cna play the multiplayer additions as well as the Undead nightmare campaign (which I've yet to finish due to Brotherhood, but I've heard takes upwards of 6 hours to complete)

        I'll add this:

        It's only 99 cents, so no excuses for not buying it.

      Thanks a ton.

    I've always wanted to ask a large group of gamers this question:

    How well do you take care of your games and gaming equipment? My games wouldn't come out of the shrink wrap if it could be avoided. I keep them all next to each other on a shelfand dust regularly. My consoles are all dust free and well ventilated.

    Sometimes i'll buy a game pre owned and be disgusted with its condition and wonder why anyone would spend so much money on something just to treat it like shit. I once bought a game from my local EB and had the guy slide my case along counter put the game disk in (touching the bottom part with his fingers no less) and slam his hand on the case to close it.

    Anyones thoughts on the subject?

      I treat my game CD's better than I treat my phone... and my phone is in superb condition!

      I hate getting scratches on CD's, even if they're cosmetic, it makes me feel like that disc is now "tainted" XD

      Maybe I'm OCD... :)


        Yea I feel the same. I want my games to remain as close to mint as possible. I actually cut a flap out of the shrink wrap on my AC:B Codex Edition so I could open it with the wrap still on.

        One could put it down to OCD but these are things that 1. I've spent a lot of money on and 2. I'm going to admire and play for the rest of my life, so I want them to work 10-20 years down the track.

      I take pretty good care of my games. I have this drawer thing that's under my bed, so my games go in old collector's edition boxes which goes into the drawer, meaning they stay in good nick like that.

      In terms of consoles, they're fairly well ventilated, and I generally vacuum it and around it for dust about every 2-3 weeks. Is vacuuming the console the right thing to do? I've always done it, but I remember reading somewhere that someone said it was bad and I should use compressed air.

        I don't think vacuuming will do too much harm, but it is better to use compressed air. I've opened both my PS3 and 360 and blown dust out of them with an air compressor at my friends house. Vacuuming wont really get the caked on stuff on the inside.

      Yeah.. i'm the same. i'm very pedantic about my games and consoles.. When EB staff ask me if i want a game gaurentee i always cut them off quickly with a very firm "no!"

      This 'no' roughly translates to "do i look like a four year old to you"

      I've also found the same thing with pre-owned.. some are imaculate, others look like absolute crap and i can only wonder how the hell they get like that... i realy can;t fathom how...

        I used to go for the guarantee but I take good enough care of them to never need it, it seems like a waste of money to me now.

        It's beyond me also haha.

        Thanks for everyone's replies.

          Honestly, sometimes it's as if some kid fed gravel into the optical drive of the console.
          It's a miracle when you find that they still work.
          Although one time I was buying... something, and the EB guy picked out the disc from the drawers and went "AUGH! Wow... WOW, that is really scratched up. I... I don't recommend buying it.", and I didn't! What a nice guy.

        One of the great things about using EB's trade deals (trade within a week to get good value) is that someone out there is going to get a brand new game, for $5 cheaper than expected.
        Although, they do miss out on opening the shrink wrap, and the little sticker on the case. I love opening that sticker!

      I look after games as good as i can but often i find a game outside of the case in a draw somewhere as wifey wanted to put playschool on for the kiddie. I also have texta? (Marker) marks on my 360 wireless headset, I have a number of 360 controllers that are chipped/cracked/sticky because of my son playing with them and he uses a wiimote as a phone!

      So i try my best, but you learn to be forgiving and accept a few damaged goods once kids come round.

      I really wish I was good with mine, mind you, I don't scratch the disks, and I try to keep all the parts of one game together, but they just get lost in my room, and go on large migratory journeys (no really, I put Fable 3 down next to my bed, and a week later I found it next to my cupboard)...

      I think I just need to clean my room, that would probably solve my problems...

      All my games are in alphabetical order and I dust and vacuum my consoles once a week. I only lend games to one friend who is just as fussy with his games as I am.

      I love that new game smell when you first open the case... I would love to bottle it lol.

        I didn't know I had a clone. That is EXACTLY how i am.

          Well it's thanks to my fussiness that I still have some rare classics in my collection to this day.

    I couldn't help but LOL


      I am laughing so hard at that.

      Thank You.

      I giggled :)

      I feel I should add to the hilarious fail with this:

        lol! love the comment under that! Surprise roof sex :0

    Mark. I've got a suggestion.

    Like many of my suggestions, it probably isn't as great as I think it is, but here we go:

    KotakAU irc channel embedded into the main page. Do it. You know you want to! I means you don't have to approve my comments, AAANNND it's instant, so people like me, who are ridiculously bored, can spam without fear of annoying people too much! :D

    I'll probably come to my senses later today, but until then, I'll consider this a magnificent idea! XD


      i support instantaneous chat :D

    Just wanted to thank Mark for sending my Community Kudos prize! I never got around to playing Medal of Honor, despite my best intentions. AND it comes on a day when I'm under the pump at work and have to suffer through a terrible game of cricket. THANKS MARK!

    Might catch some of you online ey ;)

      Good stuff!!
      Enjoy, mate!

      On the subject of prizes and the such - Mark, is there any news on the Dead Rising Stuff? I'm still feeling all anxious for it hehe

        Yeah, still waiting on my poster...

        Actually, now that I think about it, I'm still waiting on Vanquish, which wouldn't have been sent off by Kotaku anyways... Hmmm... Maybe the post office just hates my house...

        But, as I always say, C'est la vie (please say that with English pronounciation, not just the accent, it's cringe worthy).

          That's odd - everyone else received their vanquish packs quite a while ago - some were bothced, but otherwise all good.

          I suggest you send Marky Mark a email..

            Yeah, I meant to get on that weeks ago, but I kept delaying, following my brilliant philosophy of "if I ignore it, it's not a problem." Still, you're probably right... *sigh*

            No wait, it's not a problem, because it doesn't exist.


      Also on the topic of Community Kudos, did you get my email with my details Mark? Can't remember if I sent them or not (and my Sent folder gets wiped clean every day, so I can't check that)

        Yep, got it mate. Just working through a back log of prizes! Sorry about the delay - will hopefully send out the Dead Rising stuff and get the Capcom prize sorted this week as well.

        [shakes fist at Capcom]


          No prizes for you then!



            The idea of Capcom as something that could post on TAY.

            I can hear my mind boggle.

            Hey Capcom! Long time no speak!

            So who won the comp?

              Mark has upset us now - you all miss out!

          I can understand if you're holding out on the Dead Rising prizes because you've been wearing my swank jacket to clubs and whatnot. Can't be helped. It's what I'll be doing...

          Just look at the effect it has on women -

          And not only that, you become an automatic karaoke star! So much so, gangsters will get up and karaoke with you -

    75 internets to anyone that can guess what the new EvE Online ship reminds me of;

    Hint, it's a salvaging ship!

      It's obviously reminding you of the Firefly class ship called Serenity.

      "What you care about is the ships, and mine's the nicest."

        "But if your hand touches metal, I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you."

      I'm not sure about you, but I think of Serenity, but it's a transport ship...

      Ahh Firefly.. I think its about time I gave in and bought the series on Blu-Ray to watch through again..

    Hey guys,
    I have a two fold question number one, I'm looking into buying some books online for xmas presents, what would you guys reckon is the best place for them. Secondly most of the people who post on this site have there cool little nickname. But the only way i can post a comment is through facebook , any thoughts?

      I just use the Guest button :/, I'm not sure about anyone else, but I assume that that's what they do .

        That's what I do... although my online name is severly lacking in the cool department.

        I make up for it though... my real name is:
        Colonel Adrian McAwesomesauce the 3rd.

          That's pretty awesome, but I think these guys have you beat:

            I shouldn't have clicked on that because it's obviously where you got your username... but everything about Stirling Mortlock is completely true.

          I think most people are lacking really. I got this nick from an overweight girl with a husky voice at Sea World...

      I would suggest Book Depository (strong currency conversion), but with Royal Mail's Christmas backlog combined with their terrible weather, you run a real risk of them not coming in time.
      I've been finding Borders Online better and better, usually beating both Dymocks and Independent bookstores (alas), although, even then, some of the price differences are negligible. However, they have a Christmas signup bonus ($20 giftcard) and Christmas delivery guarantee going on right now, so they'd be my bet.

      I was just about to suggest Book Depository as well - it has very competitive prices.

      Unless you pay extra for faster shipping, Amazon probably won't get books to Australia by Christmas. They are amazingly cheap, however.

    So.... PS3 3.50 firmware hacked provided you have the right tools. I wonder how long before Sony plugs that hole. I take it we'll see Sony start holding back features on PS3 firmware updates until a new exploit is discovered now like they did with the PSP for a while there.

    So, in my infinite wisdom, and despite me not really caring about move/kinect, EB was selling a 4GB Kinect bundle for only $299. Me being me, I went ahead and purchased it. I figure, if I don't like Kinect, I can always sell it, and could probably sell it for like $150 or so, so yeah.

    Anyway, I'm going to need a list of good games to get for xbox, whether it be xbla or game-games (the ones with discs). Most of the console multiplatform games I already have on PS3.

    Also, I may need reassuring I did the right thing.

      Also, I should probably elaborate. The games I plan to get include Gears 1 and 2, as well as Mass Effect. If I like ME1, I'll get 2. I also plan on getting Limbo and maybe Shadow Complex.

      I've been thinking back and forth of getting my own XBOX, but I'm pretty sure I'll run out of space very soon in installing games whenever I can to up the loading speeds and downloading dozens of arcade games. :P I'll probably wait for a better Kinect bundle that has more storage.

      You've def done the right thing mate. I got a couplE of friends to do the same thing. I would suggest trials hd from the arcade. I bang on about it but please do yourself that fav. And you don't need gold membership to compete on the leaderboards

      Other than that not really sure about exclusives. Halo if you are into that kinda thing and I think splinter cell is still exclusive but have never really paid attention as I gave both consoles also.

      FatShady Live if you want some friends.

      You're probably going to need to fork out for a bigger hard drive for your Xbox in order to get the most out of it. Not because 4Gb is particularly small (though it is), but because it is technically flash memory - hence games that use the HDD for specific functionality won't work so good with the 4Gb flash hard drive. Case in point: Halo Reach - IIRC you can't play online co-op or firefight using the 4Gb drive.

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