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    Hmmm... its seems kinda weird this being posted at 11:36pm (here anyway)

    Anyways... nothing much of the gaming variety this christmas, saying that i mean nothing of the gaming variety. It doesnt matter there wasnt any games i wanted anyway.

      sorry were'nt any games. Where are my grammar skills.

      I leapt in late to check up on the site... technically we're all on leave from work, but we can't let the community suffer just 'cause we're all off on holidays, can we?

      Saw a mention on the old TAY thread that people were hoping for a fresh post to work with. So here it is! :-)

        Aww, that's commitment - gonna have to tell Mark to up his game when he gets back!

        A belated Merry Christmas Seamus, hope you had a good time.

      I received a replica Bioshock EVE hypo which was pretty cool but that was the only gaming related pressie.

      Had a pretty sweet boxing day lan though.

      Late night Kotaku goodness...

    Hope everyone had a good Christmas? Or if not Christmas, secular non-denominational Festivus holiday passive-aggressive family-baiting conflict-sparking extravaganza?

    No epic blood feuds started around the dinner table?

      Christmas dinner at cousin's place, had about a litre of ginger beer. Also delicious foods, but man, that Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Maaaaaaan, best Christmas dinner ever.

        Oh man, I love Ginger Beer. Especially Bundaberg Ginger Beer. If that had alcohol in it, I'm pretty sure I'd be classified as an alcoholic.

          I just discovered their Sarsparilla, it is the best.

            They also have these Peachee drinks (which as you can imagine are peach flavoured) that are also awesome, but you can't find in Woolies and Safeway and are sold in some IGAs. They're pretty awesome.

    soooooooooo steam sales are trying to make me broke :(

    bought saints row 2 for 4 dollars, great game, too bad the PC port is terrible

    also, finally got Uncharted 2 for my new PS3, and that game is tremendous! also got Little Big Planet, once again a great game!

    so, what great deals have you guys got these post-christmas sales?

      Serious Sam HD Gold edition, Bioshock, and Super Meat Boy, all under 5USD. And I still haven't had time to play it! (Don't worry, you aren't the only one running low on money :P)

    I'm in Hong Kong now!

    Shall do some research on how XBOX and other console platforms do in this market :P

    Wow. Commitment, Seamus!

    Still, Everyone got mad plans for NYE? I'm heading out to see the harbour bridge lit up like hellfire at midnight with a group of mates, to see out an amazing decade with one last hoorah!

    What about everybody else?

      Argh, I don't do crowds.
      But I will pop on the telly and keep an eye out for you. This however will be a hard task to pull of, so you will need to dress up as a super-hero to stand out.
      I was thinking muscle pads, outside undies with a giant K on them, and an over-sized Serrels head. Like Marty Monster sized. Purrrrrlease!!!??? Then you can come over here and complete my fantasy while I rub thermal grease on your nipples and drip hot melted 'Imagine' DS titles on your thighs. Loops will be sketching us titanic style. ;)

      TadMod. Sweet, dear TadMod.
      I do admire you.
      I will be spending New Year's Eve alone, destitute and far removed from the warmth and security of the companionship you speak of.
      The harbour bridge?
      You speak of mysteries and wonderment and other such things I can dream of.
      Sometimes I dream of ladies.
      Last night I dreamed Lindsay Lohan was my schoolyard chum and we were involved in all manner of mischief and idealistic rebellion.
      I will spend NYE at the Ministry’s most cold, silent ivory tower.
      As the keeper of time and love, i experience a loneliness most only ever contemplate momentarily amidst fleeting desperation, or perhaps read about in the mournful poetry of drunks and other such dangerous addicts.
      But do you consider it to be the end of the decade?
      Is it truly decade’s end??
      Do not listen to the numbers.
      Do they speak to you?
      The numbers?
      Be most careful.
      Decade’s end?
      The Ministry would not lead you astray; The Ministry is your friend.
      Take the equation and do not be lured by the false promise of numbers and their deceits and treachery.
      Numbers are like the glittering brunette in the black dress you know you can’t live without: equal parts deadly and alluring.

      The end of decade:

      December 31, 2011 at 11:59:59 pm + 00:00:01.

      Take this information and use it as you will.
      But remember: time is written by The Ministry and time is - like the rabbit in the hat - nothing more than illusion.

        Stop. Stop. What does this mean?
        The Ministry have . . . have . . . torn a hole in the very fabric of the space time continuum? A mathematical error?
        Damn fools . . . they . . . they have lost a year into the . . . the . . . wormhole.
        They can’t just . . . rewrite time.
        Do they plan to create a parallel universe?
        A tangent future?
        I fear The Ministry have fractured time . . . broken the continuum.
        There is no turning back. There is no turning forward.
        Time is not an illusion! The past, the present, the future: they must remain as separate threads . . . never tangled . . . never together!

        Where did you come from?

          Do you believe in time travel?

          Why do I have to sleep with Donnie? He stinks.

    Merry unxmas everybody! w00! Hope everyone is still alive and well! I finally got the starter kit to go with my move controller! w00! I can actually start using it now! If I can ever get my wife away from the tv. She's busy watching her inspector rex dvd's, and I can't get a word in edge ways atm :0 Still.. it's nice knowing I have the ability to use it and not just stare at it anymore wondering ;) I don't have super high hopes for it, but I'll accept anything that doesn't cost me money ;) On that note, I have to saty a big special thankyou to NotoriousR! I woke up this morning and found my screen covered in a big message of YOU HAVE RECIEVED A GIFT! He sent me super meat boy on steam! *hug* Thanks man! That toally made my week! :) :) I almost cried to be honest. It's the nicest thing that's happened to me over this xmas break apart from seeing the way my nephews eyes lit up when he opened some of his presents on xmas day!
    For me, the next couple of week is going to involve trying to drum up work for myself in the Brisbane area. If any of you know of people who want their computers fixed, or just some tutoring in some aspect of computing, I'm your man!! ;) Shoot me an email to dondalinger at hotmail and I'll get ya a phone number! I'll even do after hours for no extra charge atm! Apart from that, I've been playing around with unity. Started to brush up on some programming (though this time in c# instead of c++) and I'm trying to piece together a little game in the hope I can release it to the public one day and have it on a pay what you want for it system. Could take me a number of weeks/months depending how far I want to take it, but I'm gonna try anything I can atm!
    Hope all is well in the rest of Kotakuland!


        B-B-But, I want to be St. Nick too. :(
        I am adding you on Steam to send you a nice gift!

          Dude, thanks so much for Amnesia! :D

          And thanks to Chuloopa for getting me Ghost Master! You guys are awesome. Everyone is awesome! Kotaku is awesome :D

            Your most welcome, mate!
            Although, as good as Ghost Master is, i think it pales next to Amnesia a bit lol..

            I'll be getting around to some more gifts tomorrow when my pay comes in! :D

            Spread the festive love, guys and gals!

      Merry x-xmas to you all as well! (not just welbot, but everyone :D ) You missed out welbot! I was actually gonna buy you a steamy gift a while back, but I didn't know if you had it or not, cause your steam profile thingo is hidden. So I didn't want to get you a game you might already have. So, I humbly request you make your profile viewable!!!!!! Also, I had a nice family xmas. No games, but a tub of malteasers and a nice keyring :) My kids however were spoiled rotten, and can now be considered 'cool' as they have ipod touches. I must admit, the tech is pretty cool, but I was pissed about having to register my credit card to it. :( I gave them a whirl for a bit, but got bored pretty quick with the free apps/games available.

      Oh, and one more thing. Lets make this year the biggest ever. We have to shoot for the holy grail, a 1 grand postacular in TAY!!!

    Well it has to happen eventually.....sober at lunch. has been almost a week of piss sloshing with assorted inlaws and drop ins. The only issue is it won't last long as the wife has b'day tomorrow and one of my best mates since school days arrives same day with family in tow (and apparently way too much grog).

    Liver will have to wait another week or so before it can attempt to recover.

    Dear Badmiyamotofinger

    RE: FF8
    You need to draw as much magic as you can (99each takes a while) and Junction it to each stat. This will make you uber powerful and then summoning GFs will become obsolete.

    Theres also some excellent abilities GFs teach such as recover which refills all health for free. This means you can keep all those cure spells junctioned to health or whatever.

    This will make the game WAY more fun.

    Hey all I know it's late but I hope you all had a good xmas guys and girls. I think mine was only good cuz I got myself a dozen or so new games within the week xD. All I got from the relatives was an annoying lunch with them, and one of them wouldn't leave me alone, kept nudging me and talking my ear off for hours urgh!

    I had Monday and Tuesday off work, I spent those days trying to play through Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 and KOTOR on PC. FFXIII Only got challenging very recently with this really hard boss. When I say "really hard" I mean it's a "He can kill your entire party in one attack even while at full health" kind of boss haha. This calls for something the game never forced out of me before, a strategy!

    KOTOR has been proving very fun, and great plot twists as well which I always love about BioWare :). It's really starting to get good without wanting to spoil anything here and I can't wait to continue it again soon.

    On the shopping side, my boxing day shopping proved to be being in the right place at the right time, I was there to spend time with friends and not shop but this I couldn't pass up. Baldur's Gate 1+2 w/ expansions, Crysis maximum edition and KOTOR2, all for $60 all up. And get ready for the shocker... wait for it... this was at EB!!! This should go in Ripley's Believe it or Not! haha :)

      Hey, in all fairness, EB does have some good prices sometimes.
      In the current sale you could pick up the X: Superbox for just $48. Unfortunately i missed out.

      Plus they also had the cheapest copy of Backbreaker i've seen, at just $38 - $10 less than JB.
      Unfortunately when i went back for that one, it was gone too!

      Also, KOTOR or AMAZING! One of the greatest RPG's out there. Honestly.

        Yeah I only got introduced to it very recently, and I absolutely love it. Also, Bastila is so hawt! :D

    Hey guys and gals!
    Hope you all had a awesome festive weekend!

    m back at work today but just want to share a few moments of joy.

    First, I finished off Mass Effect last night! I'm a little disappointed i can't continue to explore after the story is done... I also chose to keep Ashley alive, which i regretted a little bit. She was useful but she had problems. Kaiden was cool, but useless to my squad lol. Also - i let the council die - whoops. I want to max out my sheppard before starting ME2, but i can't really be bothered going through the whole thing all over again. BUt my god, was that ever a freakin' awesome game of what?!

    Also, xmas news.
    After months of complaining, my lovely lady bought me a NERF gun (Maverick), along with a subscription to Game Informer (YAY!) and a few pretty neat games including the Alan Wake CE and The Sabateur. Also, Darryl Lea Dark Rocky Road! Yummm.

    Bees family got us a washing machine, which i can't explain how elated i am with that.

    My family got us an awesome picnic set which included a basket, thermos and rug. We used those yesterday and had a LOVERLY picinic on Geelongs Eastern Shore - Now we're both red like lobsters.

    Also, dad gave us some spending money (as dad never gives actual gifts, and rather just money instead).
    I picked up the following
    Capcom Vs Tatsunokokokokochibisomething
    Splinter Cell Conviction
    Both were only 9 pounds each on Zavvi!

    Also got the Witcher for $21.99 from ozgameshop. This is the complete original edition with pretty box, manuals, game guides and bonus discs, which i think is well damn worth it, considering the "best of" edition available here is just the disc in a lame looking box for $19.
    Also, a new shirt and some boardies, but thats completely uninteresting!

    How was everyone's X-mas long weekends?

      ME1 is worth the second playthrough, sounds like you went renegade. Renegade is the default option for new ME2 game starts. Totally worth maxing out your Sheppard and being a pillar of virtue cos its the only way to see certain outcomes for ME2. It's good to see the subtle changes it makes to both playing experiences and story....

      Also... Glad to see everyone back safe and sound.
      Thanks Seamus!!! Kotakudos for you!

        I'm also totally jealous that you got Capcom vs Tatsunokokokokochibisomething. You can pick up the Mad Catz Fight Sticks on ebay pretty cheap, well worth it. Played a bit at Avcon and the stick is the only way to go.
        Don't have a missus so have never needed a Wii but now that DKCR is out....Can you get the red ones here? But the black is so shiny. SHINY I tell you!

        ACTUALLY i maxed out my Paragon rating, with only a small blip of renegade status...
        go figure.

        PS. Liara is hawwwt!

        That's the Kirk in me coming out.

          I would hardly call "letting the Coucil die" a blip. :D
          Not very Paragon really... Did you get all that way being good and just go "F*** it. LOL
          And yeah Liara is mighty fine. Space Pimpin'!!!!

            Actually, i was thinking of the greater good. I didn't actually choose "let them die" as the option, and instead gave the order to "concentrate all firepower on sovereign".

            I mean, the last thing i wanted was that bastard getting away...

            So after that option i got points in both paragon and renegade.. although more went to renegade..

            Oh well...

            I'm actually really upset that it's over. I'love to play through it again and level up some more, as well as play the DLC mission, but the thing is that my pile of shame is already in the vicinity of "epic" and i really need to dive into some of the titles sitting there.

              It'll be interesting to see how that decision plays out in the third game, it hasn't been referenced that much in ME2. It's definitely worth levelling up your character to 60 through another playthrough, you get all sorts of nifty gear at the higher levels.

              You did buy ME2 as well, yeah?

                Yeah, but I think they've sown the seeds of distrust in ME2. True, it's barely mentioned, but when it comes to Thane's loyalty mission, there's a pretty stark contrast between if you saved them or not in the things the voters say to the Turian politician. A possible fractured alliance in ME3?

                  aww, so really i should probably save the council on my second playthrough?

                  But won't sovereign get away then?

                  Also, will the council continue to be such dicks?

                  Seriously, those guys are dicks without equal.

                  When i "sacrificed" them, i put the admiral in charge... the ambassador is a dick as well..

                  I do want to go back and save Kaidan instead, however... all Ashley does is bitch about me letting her live.. God.. there should have been an option to say "ok then, you xenophobic bitch" and then shoot her in the head with my pistol...

                  I love my pistol :)

    Speaking of piles of shame, are there any games you want to finish before the new year/decade? (excluding games you just got for Christmas such as those from Steam sales?)

    Chaps?? Friends?? You are not going to believe it - even if i tell you.
    Can you guess?
    I bet you couldn’t. No kidding.
    I got my favourite movie for Christmas; on dvd no less.
    Mum & dad got me . . . wait for it . . . THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS!!!!! > ( . ) ( . ) - note: this is my symbol for boobs, because Silence of the Lambs is just as good - dare i say: better - than boobies!!!!!!!!!!!.
    This movie is funny, scary & makes nightmares in my crani-yum - (where does hannibal Lecter ke3p his brainz? In his crani-yum-yum-yum??)
    I also got seven cartons of beer (imported & domestic brands) to help keep me calm during daylight times when mum & dad are at work.
    It’s a party in the U.S.A!
    I really wish Miley Cyrus really was here!
    I know!!!
    I’m going to think of my favourite scene from: THE SILENCE OF TH3 LAMBZ!!!! over a cold beer . . . and water-melons . . . and in the swimming pool!!!!
    S-U-M-M-E-R spells POOL PARTY!


        Ohh . . . ahh? . . . yeah? . . . hmmm? . . . are we playing Jeopardy?? because . . . um? . . . ah? . . . hmm? . . . um? . . . What does Tom Hanks love in Philadelphia? . . . um? . . . What is the hot girl in the Crying Game’s big surprise? . . . um? . . . um? . . . What is the best way to spend $375 in Kings Cross? . . . um?

          DONG DONG DONG!!!
          Ladies and Gennlemen, CONRATULATIONS, WE HAVE A WEINER!!!

          Hotdog, I'm so excited I can't sit down.

            Careful - we don't want the kid getting cocky!

        you're doing it wrong!!

        This way: ( y )

    Has anyone played the free Doritos game from Xbox Live?

    MADGOOD, I have gold all the way till the last Europe stage...cant stop playing.

    I miss the accessibility of retail box games in Hong Kong... this is supposed to be shopping heaven but there are no game retailers in any major shopping mall! :(

    I think I have to go to Toy'R'Us...!?

      I heard they have specialty stores now(Never been myself) so you have to find the one place which is harder but will have everything!

      I've found out HMV sells games, so might check out their games section while I shop for some music! Call me old-fashioned, but digital downloads is nothing like getting a boxed CD in your hands.

    I had a dream blaghman won something on Notch's blog (minecraft guy)

    As I always pay attention to dreams I had to share. It was slso my first dream In months as I have been catching up on sleep.

      I endorse this dream fully, maybe it's just a combination of the human innate ability to see the future, and my love of Minecraft. I am obviously going to win big, as such, I shall start spending all my money today.

      What can I buy for thirty dollars?

        I have had a few dreams that have cone true. Like freakishly true form test scores to predicting my dog who was otherwise healthy would die of epilepsy that was undiagnosed. All of them occured 3 days from the dream. Doubt it will happen but I never disregard them when they seem realistic.

        Good luck though.

    Got emailed this yesto
    For allZelda/minecraft fans. Serrels I'm looking at you(in my mind's eye)...

      Son of a....

      Some people have way too much time!

      Oh, how i love those people! :D


    Ladies and Gents, I am in the middle of designing a Tee-shirt..

    A bloody awesome Tee-Shirt!

    A Mass Effect Inspired Tee Shirt!!

    Basically i need to know how i can submit it for peopele to buy. Threadless have an awesome system, but i have to go through a voting process which i think i may fall flat on my face compared to the slightly more "Arty" stuff i see on there.

    There have also been a couple other sites i have used in the past but they have produced less-than-lovely prints.

    I really want to get this done, and most of all i want to be able to offer it up to you guys - i'm really confident about this one and just need to know what to do next.

    Hopefully you guys have more experience with this stuff than i do...

      I tried sending this earlier, but since I'm on a random computer, I think it exploded. But, there's a couple of things you could do.

      Firstly, there are usually places that will do print shirting, having never attempted it I have no idea how they work, but there's at least one in Canberra, so I imagine any decent city would have a few thousand. So you could just run a small store through yourself on Kotaku or something... I had a second idea previously, but I can't remember what it was, so I'm now just padding space. Finally, you could put it on threadless, and then maybe suggest to some glorious editor that he post about it on some gaming blog/news site that he might have access to.

      I've heard spreadshirt is the easiest to manage, and you can add new designs to your account whenever you like. It's not very oriented for Australians though :\

    Anyone else hate it how 90% of music videos on Youtube have a "I hate Justine Bieber" comment with heaps of thumbs up. From Vivaldi to Evanescence, from Tenacious D to Paul Kelly, From The Beatles to Eminem it's nothing but Justine Bieber sucks plastered everywhere. Seriously I'm getting so sick of it. Justin Bieber haters, just like Twilight haters, are more annoying then the fans.

      I KNOW. God, it's terrible - like, enough with the actual PURSUIT to post negative shit. I mean, I probably would have done that when I was 12, but I think I got over it pretty quickly.

    So i finally get some time to myself after Christmas. I sit down for a bit of ACB and my TV RROD's on me!!!!! After the sobbing subsided, i head down to Big W and grab a 32" Sanyo LED LCD for just under $500. I have disconnected the old TV and setup the new one, but have to do it all again tonight cos i couldn't get my 95kg+ old tv out of my cabinet on my own.!!!!

      I didn't know TVs did that... O_o Not cool, man.

    My copy of 'Extra Lives' just arrived in the mail, I've skimmed over some of the chapters and so far it's awesomely-fascinatingly good. Provides a great perspective on gaming as a serious form of expression, rather than vacuous entertainment.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

    Alright, so, I posted this late last week, and due to the positive reception I figured I'd repost it for anyone who missed it.

    My previous warning stands, as it still involves my bad singing, while outside, into a low quality microphone (excuses, excuses).

    Still, in case you missed it, enjoy.

      Also, I'm in tassie until mid next week (and I'm not even going to the Falls Festival *sigh*), so if anybody (aka b4d and Jo) cares, I'll try and continue my CYOAG when I get back.

      Had it as my ringtone for christmas day. Family thought i was crazy cos i spent the day walking round going "oooooh FatShady"

        Well, I'm glad you appreciated it, and if your family only thought you were crazy on christmas day, you're obviously doing something wrong.

        That was my fav line also. Glad it didn't get missed in the last week as it was posted late.

          Well, if you know the song (which, yeah, I do), you know there's the "OOOOHH, BABY" there, and, I just figured that it would work so much better as Fat Shady. Maybe I should have slipped an "MBA" at the end of it...

            If you get a chance check out my YouTube clips. I think you'll appreciate them.

            Search fatshady1

      Lol that was awesome and thank you for putting me in there :). I always love getting mentioned in other people's material, like FatShady's Back to the Future script xD.

      Btw, your singing isn't that bad. I think mine would be worse but people tell me otherwise, I'm sort of like a reversed version of tonedeaf. I think I sound awful but people think I sing pretty well :P.

        Trust me, by my standards that's bad singing.

        As a list of reasons, I had eaten coke, and drunk chocolate, which are both bad for your voice, and I was singing quietly, which hugely restricts my range. I've also lost access to my chest voice recently, for no readily apparent raisin, and so I'm stuck singing in my head voice, which is, in my opinion, much weaker.

        But, I know a fair amount about music, and have to put up with my sister and her choir friends, so, I'm pretty picky.

        Thank you anyway. I wanted to include as many kotakuites as I could.

      The level of dedication and how much it made me laughed (out of sheer happiness) compensates for any terrible singing you speak of :D

        Thank you, I appreciate all the loving from my adoring fan(s?).

    With all the ME love going around at the moment, how cool is this..

    I almost forgot to post this, but I wanted to know if anyone else had seen what I got for xmas! My sis gave me this HUMUNGOUS book.. like supremely thick.. called 1001 video games you must play before you die!
    It's got a preface my Peter Molyneux, and it literally lists 1001 games from the 70's on, with full colour pics and info about the games and their development! It's totally kickass!! I've only had a bit of a flick through so far, and the scariest thing is, every single game I've looked at thus far, I've already played :0 bringing back a lot of cool memories about days gone by too! It really made me stop and think just about how much of my life I've spent playing games to be able to have played so many :0

      That looks like a nice overdue Christmas gift for my bf. But then I did an Amazon search, and I can't decide whether to give him this or the 1001 movies you must see before you die :S

    Sadly, I discovered that Hong Kong is a NTSC-J region, not PAL. : ( The games are so much cheaper here! And there are titles from Japan that are never released in Australia. Played a bit of Halo Reach on the store demo console though :P

    Well, finished KOTOR last night. In short and spoilerless as I can be, I beat the bad guy, I saved and got the girl, times are great for my strapping "good guy" character as he lived happily ever after :D.

    FFXIII was a completely different story. I tried this boss again, since it decimated me in one attack last time I attempted this. So I thought to play defensively and do a "slow and steady wins the epic boss battle" strategy, which really seemed to work until one thing happened that made me curse pretty loudly and I was glad nobody was home. It casted Doom on my party leader, while I didn't even get it to half HP. That was just low! :'( I survive your ultimate attack with full HP and buffs and you decide to make it even more impossible? Gah! RAAAGE! >.< So I put the controller down, resisting the urge to throw it :P and decided to begin my journey through Mass Effect. So far I barely started but those Turians look so badass and awesome! Instantly took a liking to Garrus cuz he's an honourable badass, or so he shows so far. I'm just playing it simple for my first playthrough so I started as a Soldier.

      Start as the soldier/biotic combo! It's so much more entertaining and useful! Believe me, a pistol will still kill plenty of things dead with ease! :D

      But yeah, it is a bloody awesome game! I'm really looking forward to my second play-through.

      If you like garrus, you will like a lot of the other members that end up tagging along too :)

        Alright, since I just started I can go back to the beginning as that class combo. Still trying to understand how it all works. Now that I have a bit of a feel for the mechanics (The whole using cover and shooting from cover was a bit twitchy at first, either that or I was doing it wrong :P), the restart should prove a lot better.

        Do you use all the weapons or just the pistol? I've been mainly using the assault and sniper rifle combo. Never seen a use for the shotty or pistol yet.

        I dunno if any of them can beat Garrus, already made me wish I could play as a Turian but I know I can't :'(

          There is a level where the shotty is pretty useful... particulary if you use a special ammo (high impact).

          If you're restarting, go for something with the option to assign points to decryption... if you can loot by yourself it frees up your party choices.

          Also, on the subject of parties... Wrex > everyone else.

          IIRC, in ME1, all classes can use all weapons, but some classes don't get weapons proficiencies/expertise (whatever that skill is called... the one that passively raises accuracy and damage and all that). So I guess you can still use the AR and SR, but might have to cope with a massive aiming reticle and recoil and all that.

          Yeah, Vanguards (biotic + soldier) only get pistols and shotguns, but pistols are still good to use. You can still use the assault rifle/sniper rifle, but you get no points in it and it'll be really hard to shoot properly.

          Also, Garrus is awesome, but like James Mac said, Wrex > all.

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