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    I'm broke.

    Steam sales ftw?

    Also, anyone recommend any great (recent) books to purchase? I need something to read over the holidays... and I have an unspent Borders gift card :D

    I bought "Preincarnate" by Shaun Micallef and that is SOOOO GOOD! Definitely suggested for anyone who liked the Hitchhikers Guide.


      You need to buy "Vampire Wars". It's part of the warhammer book collction and consists of all 3 of the Von Carstein books into one big-arse joyous read!

      If you're like me and like Vampires that tear shit up in gruesome ways, then this is a amazing book!

      I'm at the end of the Konrad Von Carstein book now and am really looking forward to getting into the last one revolving around my favorite Von Carstein, Manfred! :D

        Do they rely heavily on backstory?

        I remember reading a 40k one a while back (on space marines, I was an elder fanatic) and getting a bit lost on the lore.

        Also, know if Borders stocks them?

          No, most don't rely on knowledge of backstory.

          Gaunts ghosts is superb too and doesn't require you to have tonnes of knowledge.

          I don't think borders do, but it's worth a try. Otherwise most hobby shops sell them. Places like Mind Games too

            Ahhh, cool.

            I only asked about borders because I've got a gift-card there and don't have much to top it up with.

            I'll probably have to save otherwise, lol.

        I have just finished the 3rd von carstein book (Manfred) it is the best 1 i promise u well i think it is but that's also cos Manfred is my fave von carstein i loved reading it am may read it again.I swear im going mad cause after reading about Manfred i actually find him (well the idea of him) and the way he acts very sexy lol

      With the Steam Sales:

      I bought the Indie Clever pack (mainly for Eufloria, World of Goo and VVVVV), pre ordered SMB, bought the 10 copies of Freedom Force and I have just now picked up the Orange Box.

      Curse you Steam and your ridiculous bargains.
      On a slightly related note, I have a few extra copies of Freedom Force to giveaway. Anyone interested just reply with your steam ID.

        Dude, epic deals! I got SMB, Indie clever pack, indie puzzler(?) pack, Lara Croft, etc, etc, etc.

        I have no money now :(

        Can I have a copy of freedom force? SteamID "tadmod".

          Sent! Except I realised you have to accept my friend request first for me to send it. But I rememberedededed your email, so I'm hoping it is right.

            Awesome, I got the email.

            Thanks bro! :D

        i remember playing and enjoying freedom force many years ago! I always wanted to try it multiplayer, but never got the chance. Feel free to send one my way if you like! SteamID: welbot

        Im looking at buying World of Goo... recommended?

        Also, if the offer for FF is there - Steam ID "Tristosterone"

          Absolutely! It is great fun. Best thing is, it's on sale today for only $2.50. Now, if you're STILL unsure, there's a demo too!

            Just played 20 minutes of the demo... I AM GETTING IT FO'SURE!

        JCHenderson if you are still giving away Freedom Force. I don't know if I have any spares of things to offer back that you wouldn't already have though.

        Wiggles uncontrollably, Steam ID Qumulys. Shwweeet!

          Okey dokes guys, I've sent off friend requests, so yeah. Accept and I shall sendeth the Freedom Force!

            Woohoo! Super nice stuff to do. Awesome +1
            Thanks mate!

        Good old freedome force - too bad my one doesn't work on Vista. lol.

        Either way, add me to steam, would be good to have you aboard :P

        My steam name is Chuloopa :)

        if you still have some copies, i'd love one :)

        my steam id is: proffessor_chaos

        and actually, if any other kotaku members who play team fortress, left 4 dead 2, counter strike source, garry's mod or alien swarm, feel free to add me as a friend :)

      Shaun wrote book and Hitchhikers is one of my all time favourites. thanks for the heads up. Sorry I don't have any recomendations for you.

        Mate, it's absolutely brillinat. I may venture to say it's even better than Hitchhikers, but that's just personal opinion.

        My advice when reading this book is to pay attention to everything said, because sometimes he references things that didn't seem that important when they were said, lol.

          He has always fascinated me with his abilty with the English language. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

      i highly reccomend Mogworld by Yahtzee Crosshaw (some may know him from zero punctuation) the book is great as it makes so much fun of MMO's, and is just a very smart and clever book

        Yeah, I heard about that, but I was tentative as I didn't know how good it was...

        I just came back from a splurge at borders and got "American God" by Neil Gaiman. It got glowing reviews, so I look forward to digging in early next week :D

        I'll certainly take a look around for a copy of mogworld to see if it's in my tastes.

          Well played tadmod, one of the best books I have ever read.

    Man, I'm dying here. Yesterday I went on a frickin' Trapeze lesson. My shoulders are killing me.

    Also - I did the first three extreme levels on Trials. Spent ages on it. Couldn't do the last level, Inferno II. It's impossible. Bloody impossible.

      Trapeze? Are you planning on leaving us to join the circus, Mark?

      I got that free version of Trails for PC. I love it, but sometimes the controls become a bit too sensitive (forward backward rocking much?).

        Yeah, I don't know if it's the same game, but the controls take a bit of getting used to, then it becomes like an extension of your own body, then the game becomes magnificent!

          I've got Trials 2 onsteam, thanks to q-bo, a while back. Man trying to play that game on pc is tortuous.. i just can't do it for the life of me! :(

            LOL your all woooosies! I know FS is the trials god here, but I'll gladly wear the trials 2 pc hat, comfortable in knowing I've completed every track available. (diablos, infernos etc).

            I'm sure my finger joints will never recover....

              Thanks mate but there are still a bunch of guys (and Gals??? ahead of me!. I have no less than 6-7 'friends' ahead of me on each track and i'm only ranked about 140ish atm. Still pretty happy to be top 200 and I think somewhere around 5-10th in AUS i guess but no real way to know? I do wish there were local leaderboards but then again, the best in the world is in MELB so i'd have no chance anyway.

          Yeah, I never was a fan of these kinds of physics puzzlers when I was younger, but recently I've gotten into vvvvvv and Trials and absolutely adore them. I don't know what changed in me, but I love them!

          Super Meat Boy on PC in 23 hours :D :D :D :D

          Oh and it is not the same game. Trials on PC is completely different but apparently if you play trials HD there are more than a few referecnes.

          Also, did you guys know about all of the trials HD secrets???

          PS. If that is the wrong link, sorry. Can't check while working.

          HEAPS of hidden easter eggs and a riddle that is yet to be solved. I am actually working with one of the dev team to try and solve it. I have even started to create a wiki and was planning on asking for help around here for solutions. It is just a shell of a wiki atm, but watch this space...

          And if you are looking for the easter eggs


          Check out this thread... heaps of pics and instructions.

      Isn't FatShady our resident expert on all things trials. I am sure Kotaku could approve bus fare into the office for some special profesional development.

        It's because of FatShady that I decided to try and finish the extreme levels in the first place! I had down two of the four and given up! Managed to pull off one of the two, but the last level is just ridiculous.

      So proud of you mate.. I told you it could be done.

      When i first attempted InfernoII, i realised that the level has a 30 minute or a 500 fault limit. I hit each of these no less than 10 times before i cracked it.. and that was over the space of a month.

      InternoII is a great goal to set yourself. There are really only three parts you will have massive issues with.

      1. Those 3 FREAKING wooden pallets. On angles, this is where i was stuck for the longest time. Trick is on the first one, just sit backwards on the bike and ride on the back wheel only over the flat one and then flick body weight forward and control your backwards movement with the throttle.
      The second jump requires a technique where you actually throw your body weight back while in mid air. You will already be leaning forward so it seems logical to just try to stay leaning forward. BIG mistake. Here it is. Lean forward on the first pallet on an angle, take off with full throttle, while in the air, flick your weight back then just before you touch down, slam your rear wheel down (while shifting your weight forward). It is this extra force on the rear wheel that gets you the friction (grip) to make it onto the third pallet.

      2. Pipes. a couple of check points afterwards, there are a bunch of pipes. If you watch the replays they mostly (including me) go over these fast. There is a very simple technique where you rest the underside of your bike on the first pipe (between the wheels), then rock forward. As soon as your rear wheel hits the pipe it gets traction, shift weight backwards and you make the next pipe on your underside again. Repeat this process for all the pipes. It is VERY easy with this technique. Slow and steady.

      3. The I-Beam. Just after some barrels, that are just after the pipes. you hit an I-Beam in mid air. This is a big gap that you have to clear before the end. Shift your weight to the rear and roll as far backwards as you can. You then accelerate as fast as possible and only shift your weight (bunny hop) off the I-Beam. Takes a bit of practice but with this start, you should make it.

      ... and 4. There are some swinging hammers at the end just pretend you are crossing a freeway. Pick oyu gap and just go for it!!!

      Hope that heps any of you still stuck.

      If you want further assistance, check here:

        I'm so stuck at those three wooden pallets. I can get to that point with only 10 retries. I've made it to the third pallet a handful of times, but just couldn't get the speed to make off the third pallet onto the barrel thing below.

        I'm going to take that advice to the bank though. There's no way I'm not finishing that level!

          Oh, I skimmed over the ending of those pallets because i assumed you were stuck on them (not getting OFF them).

          OK, here is the solution you were looking for. You don't actually need that big of a run up. I only use about 2/3 of the actual pallet because more often than not, if you try to go backwards, you fall off! Use as much as you safely can to get the best run up.

          What you need to do is GRADUALLY accelerate. Again, it is tempting to hit the throttle HARD to get over the gap. Because of the angle and the games physics, you actually get less grip as a result, If you accelerate gradually, you still need to be about 80%ish by the end of the jump, but the initial accelerate from a standing start is crucial. If you ease the throttle on, you will get more grip, therefore more momentum to take you over the gap.

          You will be glad to know that the check point is immediately after that floating wooden block you are trying to get to. Once there, you should be well within time and faults to get to the end...

          Hope that helps.

      This talk of Trials last week got me onto xbox live to scope out the sale. Unfortunately Aus was only included in the expansions - no cheap Trials for me :(. I still only have 600 points. Looking at this challenge has inspired me to go get more points though...

        Aus got cheap Trials HD - but only on Friday (US Time) it ticked over at about 8.30 Friday Night to 400pts (plus splosion man and TMNT Re-Shelled were 160pts each) and stayed cheap until Saturday night



            Sorry dude

            They were very sketchy on the details early in the week - and at least one website was reporting that the specials were USA only - but I watched XBLA like a hawk, Trials has been on my list since I tried the demo but if I could get it (or any game) cheaper than 1200 dammit I'll do it!

    I've been waiting for a Rugby game to come out on a next gen console for a while now...
    I'm wondering if anyone thinks that the rugby world cup in 2011 will bring my dream to life.
    Rugby 08 is fun enough to play with mates while drinking but its sooooooo outdated its not funny.
    Is there anybody else that cares about this? lol
    let me know

    On the back of Mr Goose, I bought Deus Ex pack in the steam sales.

    .... hmmmmm

    Now stop me if I'm wrong but the only thing holding this game back now, is the tech.

    I cant get past the old tech! I'm not playing a game atm im playing old tech! I'm sure it would've been a GREAT game... back in ~2000. But right now, while im intrigued by the concept and the story... The tech is hurting me.

    Would it be so bad for me to stop this pain and hold out for Human Revolution?

      I'd say keep playing through. It'll only get better! But then I like going back and playing old games too. I dun care how shitty the graphics are. Wasn't too long ago that I went back and played system shock 2 again. Looks like ass compared to today's stuff, but it was so much more fun than most recent games!

        Its not the graphics that worry me when going back and playing older games, its the lighting (especially as its a stealth game), hit detection, etc.

          Some games age well, some don't. The worst examples of bad ageing are games that have sequels that introduce so many new features that playing the original feels like grating your fingers off...

          The storyline is worth it - I remember feeling the same way about the tech a few years back when I played it, but Deus Ex really is a classy game and definitely worth continuing with.

    So as someone who loves inFamous, and has never played any of the Sly's on PS2, should I get the Sly Collection for $40? What type of game is it? I assume stealthy/platforming/something/something. Would someone who loved the Jak trilogy and enjoyed the Ratchet and Clank PS2 games enjoy it?

      You've already been answered, but yes, buy it...

      Sly 1 - 85%
      Sly 2 - 88%
      Sly 3 - 82%

      3 fantastic games that you haven't played/purchased before and all for under $50?!


    Alright, in the spirit of Movember, I'm breaking my kotaku anonymity cloak in pursuit of a good cause...

    So, I've been doing the Movember thing for the last month, and as if growing a chopper-reid mo isn't bad enough, I've had some mates challenge me to shaving my head to complete the look...

    And as for me, well I'm the sort that will do anything for a laugh and/or a good cause... So the hair came off Saturday, and man has my head been cold since :(

    So, if you've got afew spare bucks to help out, want to make your tax return a little heavier next year, or just want to see what a bogan I look like without any hair, click the following link at your own risk...

      Much love to Kotaku-ers for the donations! Thanks :D

      ROFL, you look like Chuck Liddell with the mo-hawk!! I flung $10 to you, sorry I'm a bit poor atm.

        $10 is plenty, thanks! :)

        Yeah I was planning on keeping the iceman look, but the missus couldn't drive the clippers straight and ended up making it a bit wonky, so now it's the chopper look instead for me

      C'mon kotakoians, make some more donations to Gobbo please!!! He's a champ for doing it, and he's raised like over $1000 so far for this great cause!

        Thanks again for the donation Q-Bo; while you were the only Kotakuian to donate, spreading awareness is half the battle so we've at least achieved that on Kotaku :)

        I ended up raising $1385 for the cause, so hopefully that goes some way to preventing me from needing finger-bum prostate cancer checks afew years down the track :D

    omg.... i dunno what to say really.. just.. DAMN!

    Before I push off to work, wondering if people wanted to list their Steam IDs below?

    Would be good to play some multiplayer with the community.

    TF2 anyone?

      I enjoy TF2 for [email protected]#%s and giggles
      Play under the name
      Dean you're a stupid head


      ^My steam ID

        I would but I'm so ashamedly bad at TF2 that I avoid playing it. Bought the damn thing and now it just sits there on my desktop mocking me.

          Bah sorry Tadmod, meant to reply to Tristan. Early Monday, I suppose...

      Steam ID: n0t0ri0usr

      Well I only just bought the Orange Box today, and I've only downloaded Portal and HL2, otherwise I'm going to go over my quota (8.8 GB for TF2????). And Brotherhood/Enslaved/Uni is taking up most my time, but yeah. I'll eventually get onto TF2.

      Steam id is Qumulys but I'm not much of a TF2 player, been on a dumb cod kick lately. Well, that is until my kids got the urge for Sims 2 again. Which involved fixing their computer, and installing god knows how many disks.

      This of course led to me staying up last night til 3.00am making a cool house..... *whistles*

        I think that the pay off for having to install the sims for people should always be being allowed to build one giant pimp house! (round beds, pool tables, neon, lots of spas.. etc..)

        That was all I ever did, and I usually got bored halfway through that.. never got the appeal of the sims..

      I haven't played team fortress much at all, but here's my steam ID: thistler

      I just installed it on my office mac, so fingers crossed it works properly.

      SteadID is unsurprisingly.. welbot :0 I don't have tf2, but I'm open to new friends!

      Hells to the yes!
      SteamID: jamiedeecee (Stuck having to use the one my brother made xD)

      i put this for another post, but i'll say it again

      my steam ID is: proffessor_chaos

      and i play nearly every valve game :P

    I just had a horrible thought... I sure hope somebody is stockpiling consoles, because in 40 years I want to be in a GOOD retirement home which will have a retro-gaming lounge.

      I've thought about this many a day myself, and my dieing SNES, my dodgy N64 control sticks, my flippant PSX cover that opens randomly... all these things make me worried for that future. I take good care of them, I swear :'(

        No matter how well you take care of your N64 controllers, the sticks will eventually stop working :(
        Damn you, Super Smash Bros.!!!

          Hmmmm, yes somehow the controllers will need to be wrapped in plastic to cope with our eldery-person drool problems. Now I'm more worried about the old folks home... arghhhhhh

          I think my damage came more or less from the blister inducing original Mario Party. I loathe the mini games that require you to constantly make circles as fast as possible. I don't like them and the controller especially doesn't like them.

            Yeah, Mario Party will bust your controllers as well. As will Pokemon Stadium's minigames.

              Yeah but they're so awesome! :D

              I still go back and play that snake ring toss one. So much fun...

    Copy & Paste from a late Sunday night TAY post i made yesterday...

    Hey all.

    So i got an iphone4 last week. It is a good device and i love it. I had an ipod touch before this so it was really not that much new.

    I had a 32gb ipod touch 3rd gen just sitting there. I will basically never use it again as the phone does it all. So while bored tonight (after completely stripping down and rebuilding a dryer (another story for another day) i jailbroke my ipod.

    I am happy with itunes and the apps available so it was really a ‘just because i can’ hack.

    My question, why did i bother. what is so good about jail breaks and are all of the good benefits of doing it more for the phone than with the touch?

    Can any of you who have done this or heard about it let me know what i should get.

    btw, I have NO idea about the legallity of this so if i am being naughty and should not be talking about it here, then tell me… I actually read an article on Gizmodo about it so i think it’s cool?

    It’s funny, when i have hacked/modded before, you end up getting heaps of free apps (xbox media centre etc) but most of the jailbreak apps are paid apps and seem to be more expensive than the itunes ones?

    Did i miss the point. I have only had it modded for about 2 hours so perhaps i have not done enough research. Point me in the right direction please!

    any help appreciated.

      People do tend to make jailbreaking as the most holy of holy things. It isn't, it's just that it makes some nice tweaks here and there. Like sbssettings:

      Swipe the status bar once, and you get this drop down menu, which has quick and convenient shortcuts to brightness, wifi, ssh etc. You can also use SSH. You can get a plugin thingy that shows all your calender events on your lock screen. You can use different themes, you can play old school GBA games.

      As I said, it's just a few convenient tweaks here and there.

        my thoughts exactly. big fat MEH!

        I may even return to stock if i can't see any benefit... ah well, another thing i can say "I can do that"...

        What about SNES? I bought a homebrew cart... thingy purely to get old Nnes/snes/gba roms going on the DS, but was too lazy to figure it out after an afternoon of trying. That was a while ago though, probably is easy to put on now...

        I just want to play SNES wherever I go! Forever and ever...

          Thats why I did the thing with PSP, Mariokart doesnt work at full speed though:-(.

          I dropped my PSP sceen first so it cant do crao now, but I was able to make everything from PSX back work.

            Oooo... how was the speed? Any graphics issues?

            I had a short burst of inspiration, did some research and threw on some files for my DS, and I got SNES games going... they were just FULL of graphics not displaying, displaying underneath others. It was going spaz. Apparently you can play around with the settings on each game but really, that's kind of lame and I'm too lazy for that.

            If the PSP/iPhone are any better at playing SNES, it would seriously impact on my decision to get one.

            Actually I did see someone playing FFIX on a PSP once and it looked like it was going pretty well... man, if it does play it smoothly and glitch free, I'd be replaying FFIX on my bus trips in a heart beat!

              SNES gives me the most trouble but I didnt find it too taxing playing with the settings.

              Couldn't get FFIX to work prperley, just dies at Cleyra. If I bought it from PSN im sure it would work, but I own the hard copy and dont want to pay again.

              Mega Drive ran like a dream and so did any console older.

                I meant to say, its great to play classics on the bus, train or toilet.
                I never hook uop my PS2 etc anymore and the old games look shocking on the LCD.

                That said I am slowly playing through Dragon Quest 8, doesn't look as shocking as some.

                  I know exactly what you mean. I have tonnes of old SNES and PSX games perfect for having a replay on the go that I own but... want to hold in my hands on the bus :D
                  Buying them twice is a bit... poo. Especially when I paid $100 for the damn things each back in the day!

                  Sad to hear about FFIX on the PSP though. In terms of SNES settings is it a similar case on PSP with graphics kind of spazzing up and appearing (or not appearing) when they should/shouldnt? I tried playing with the layer options that the DS gives you, but it didnt seem to achieve much...
                  SNES is what I really would like to have on the go...

      I have a gameboy emulator on my jailbroken phone, kinda entertaining.
      Winterboard lets you change the looks of everything, the default apple look annoys me personally.

      But other than SBS settings and a terminal app I have not done much else but there is a bunch of apps on Cydia that could be usefull.

    It looks very much like Victoria is dumping the incumbent Labor government, and I'm wondering where this leaves the state in the ongoing R18+ games debate? As I recall, Rob Hulls, the (former?) Victorian Attorney-General was one of the few state AGs who openly supported the proposal. Do we know anything about his potential replacement's stance at all?

      His name is Robert Clark, and up until today I've honestly never heard of him - can't seem to find anything about his stance on R18+ anywhere.

      The Coalition opposition (now government, it looks like) have been on a pretty intense 'law and order' push to win office, they're definitely appealing to populism about violence on the streets and kids being out of control, so that could influence their decision. The Victorian Liberals however are somewhat more small-l 'liberal' than their federal counterparts, and Baillieu is generally (I think) inclined to favour individual liberties and so on.

      In summary: could fall either way, we don't know enough about their position on R18+ yet.

    I just received a package at work! Got all excited thinking it would be my dead rising prizes.. I opened it up, and the bloody thing was full of detergent and crap that my wife ordered online :( Not the surprise I was hoping for ;)

      I'm so sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at that.

      If it helps though, just got a package dropped off here and got all excited thinking Rock band 3 had finally arrived but it was just stuff we ordered my husband's niece for Christmas(mind you, pretty cool Chuck and Eureka merch that I want to steal).
      We've had the RB3 keyboard since a couple of days after launch but the actual game seems to have gotten lost.


      Sorry, couldn't help it. I also hate getting packages that aren't the thing I've been waiting weeks for.

        yer it's very laughable i guess. I'd have been a lot more excited if there was anything more exciting than detergent and sanitary pads in there :| Not the kind of package you want to open in front of the boss :0

      Haha! Well, my girlfriend's into making her own jewelry, so imagine how many disapointing packages I get. I think I opened about 5 last week that ended in disappointment.

    Alcohol + Steam sales = Regretful purchases.

      I wonder how many Steam games I've bought on sale and actually never played...

        I put all my new unplayed steam purchases in my favourite list. It is a reminder everytime I open steam the amount of games I have bought and never played. It still does not stop me and the list keeps getting longer.

          Ditto. I can't really complain though, most of them have been under $4

    Mr Mark Serrels sir, can you please check your tips e-mail? Thank you Sir. *tips hat.

    Anyone want to write 300 report comments on subjects ranging from Japanese to Art. I am also open to suggestions on how to nicely say your child is mediocre as my ideas have been exhausted.

      The best I can think of:

      You are mediocre. Have some candy.

        Yeah teacher with heaps of reports to do. Candy sounds like the best idea ever except I get a piece for everyone I write.

      Your child is unique.
      Your child has potential.
      Your child needs encouragement.
      Your child tries hard.

      I don't know, surely the parents are already aware their child is mediocre? Not my kids though, they're obviously amazing....

        I'm sure they are, Strange... :P

        You better be teaching them appropriate Star Wars knowledge - none of that Jar Jar rubbish.
        And Back to the Future. Never too early to start with the classics.

      *confuzzled* not really sure what your asking but...

      Your child is mediocre, he will enjoy a visit to Pedobears house.

      I remember one of my grade 10 teachers at parent/teacher night telling my mum that I was not... "suited" to school and that she should consider moving me to a "special" school where I could get the help I needed.

      Finished high school with a TE score of 930 and three university degrees later...

      "Special" school my arse!

        Well, if you're going to prove them wrong, you might as well do it with style, and to the extreme.

        Apparently, my 3rd grade teacher told my parents I'd be fantastic at whatever I chose to do in the future, even at crime... I think that was a compliment...

      Don't you have software for that? :P I remember reading similar comments every year and ended up asking my teacher, who said they have programs that churn out cloned comments depending on grades...

      Just repeat 'conscientious learner' and 'engaged' a few hundred times and it'll be fine...

        If that's true, I'd better find one and put mam onto it next year - she gets cranky during 'report season'.

      If you want somehting different...

      Your child has the attention span of a epileptic gibbon.

      Your child is actually a adult midget masquerading as a pupil - you havn't fooled me.

      Your child has been possessed by Lucifer himself, i can tell this as he constant jumps on the tables and yells "i am lucifer" with his pants around his ankles.

      I'll have some more for you soon

    Currently into Week 2 without my glasses... losing them has been an absolute nightmare!!!

    Hopefully the new ones will finally come in this week...

    Trying to work and play games over the last week hasn't been all that fun...

      Make the jump to contacts man. You can walk into specsavers and walk out with a pair the same day.

        I should probably do that soonish, too. While I'm fine with the glasses, there are some things that are impractical with them on.

        I can honestly say that switching to contacts is the best thing I've ever done.

        Sure, you have a few bad days (Why are you scratchy today!!), but overall you have much more freedom.

          Shine some friggen laser beams into those puppies! Its what all the cool kids are doing :p

            I'd think about laser surgery, except it freaks me out. I get freaked out by anything medical-y (blood is a major one), and the notion of having doctors cut open your eye then shine lasers into it *while you are awake!* is pretty nerve-wracking.

          Didn't do much for your visibility when you SHOT ME IN THE CHEST in Halo the other night!!!

        It's not really an option for me though, it's just a thing I have, I do not like touching my eyes, or anything going into my eyes, the thought of it freaks me out.

        Same goes for something as simple as eyedrops, I have to get someone else to do it for me!

        It basically stems from when I was younger and getting hit from a rock to the edge of my right eye. It was a ricochet and it bounced off the ground, but still he was a dickhead and yeah... my eyes are no entry zones! :p

        Contacts are great, I love the freedom and the glasses-ness feeling. In my case they're also much better at correcting my vision. It's definitely a good option to check out, even if you only try them a few times just to get used to the sensation.

          I think everyone is initially a bit icky about having to touch their eyes, but then you just get used to the blinding, searing pain.

        I cant handle anything on my eyes, I freak out and feel sick just seeing my wife doing it.

          I was the same at first, it took like half an hour to get them in because your eyes aren't used to having anything near them. Eventually that feeling passes though.

            Yeah , I feel sick in the stomach. I think it's more the idea than anything. I just can't go there.

              Woohoo, another awesome person like me!!

              * Internet High Five *


      I went witht he mrs last week to get her some new glasses.. haven't heard back from them yet.. hopefully they'll come soon.. she has her contacts, but apparently they're getting a bit blurry. I'm so glad I don't need glasses :0

      I can relate to this, a little bit. I seem to spend every morning searching for my glasses, giving up, wandering about for half an hour, and then finding them. Luckily my glasses don't do much, so it's not really a problem.

      In contrast to the above comments though, stick with glasses. Glasses are cool, and they make you look awesome, this has been proven, with SCIENCE (note: no science may actually have occurred).

        Glasses are indeed cool. And when it comes to chicks, they're HOT!! Most chicks look so gorgeous with glasses ;)

          It's great for me, because my eyesight is really only mediocre, instead of actively bad, so I lend my glasses to girls, which makes them look hot, gets me brownie points (or something, I dunno), and, it generally makes everyone look more attractive, as my myopia removes the majority of their blemishes.

          As a side note, yes I know, girls and guys usually wear different glasses, but mine are fairly unisex, and they have spring-steel, so there is endless amusement.

        This may be proof that I am an uber-nerd, but when anybody says somethings cool it reminds me of the new Dr. Who talking about his bow-tie.

        "Bow-ties are cool."

          Bahahahaha. I think exactly the same thing.

          Of course, this probably relates to the fact that bow-ties ARE cool.

          Trust me. I'm a doctor.

    Well folks, I'm back at work from my 3 weeks holiday in QLD. Glad to be away from my mate. I never knew he could be so irritating after living with him for a few weeks haha.

    So, pretty much went to a whole variety of places, went through some national park hikes, some theme parks like Wet'n'Wild, Sea World (Where I had my very first helicopter ride of my life... IN THE FRONT SEAT!) and MovieWorld, Fraser Island in a one day tour in a Hummer, Australia Zoo (Cuz I'm just such an animal lover :) ) and saw Skyline at Cineplex (Possibly a bigger screen than imax).

    Now the bad parts, it rained, a LOT during our drives. Then there was the really stupid drivers. I know Melbourne for the always speeding idiots but Brisbane took the cake for drivers that never knew where they were going. So many times somebody was supposed to turn left so does it in the right lane, or vice versa :P.

    The trip home we did in one sitting, 22 hours by car. So here I am, back to make friends here once more :)

      Took my 4yo to Sea World on the weekend. Spent most of our time at Sesame Street Beach going on the truck ride, round and round and round again. over and over and over again!

      He also enjoyed the Battle Boats squirting everybody with the water canons (and being squirted) so we did that many, many times.

      He was asleep in his car seat before we even left the car park :)

    In the spirit of hug a gamer day, here is my idea:

    I was going to make a big announcement but this will havew to do. Let me know your thoughts...

    Instead of Movember (which has November locked down), I was thinking of starting Pubeuary for Jan 2011. When i get some time, I was going to make posters (need a photoshop challange *looks at Mark for a PS competition*)

    Basically it is very similar to Movember but for your man/lady garden. Grow and style it all month long.

    Styles include:
    the cricket pitch (criss-cross)
    half mown lawn
    love hearts
    the elephant
    the ant eater
    the worm with afro

    What do you guys think? Any other styles you can think of?

      I stopped at Pubeuary. No FatShady,

      Sounds good, but I want to have a different theme each month, for example:
      - Jamuary: Every meal you eat MUST have jam in it.
      - Pubuary: Pub-crawl. Every night.
      - Parch: You are only allowed to drink 500 mils of water in the month. Ration well.
      - Avril: You must listen to Avril Lavine all month. No excuses.
      - Pay: Pay every homeless person you meet at least $20. (Protip: Order everything online)
      - Dune: Try and read all the books in the month.
      - Rely: Slack off work all month by trying to rely on co-workers doing your tasks for you.
      - Augustus Gloop: Only have sweets/chocolate/lollies as food.
      - Seppukutember: Commit seppuku at least once in the month. Extra points for surviving.
      - Octoberpus: Buy a pet octopus. Extra points for extra octopi and for naming one Paul.
      - Rovemeber: Legally change your name to Rove Mcmanus at least once in the month.
      - Remember: Remember and recite the names and details off all your facebook friends. Easier for people who don't add everyone they ever made eye-contact with.

      Anyone want to commit to this with me? XD

        'Bonus points for surviving'

        That made my day. Bravo, sir.

          I'm more enticed and excited for Rovember next year. It'd be brilliant if loads of people did it XD

        [slow clap]

          ... Well I thought it was funny...


            Slow clap means funny in my book!

              That reminded me of this:


              The only video thusfar to make a human gesture look so ridiculously stupid. But I laughed the whole way through XD

              I've always interpreted slow clap as a strange blend of applause and facepalm.


                The phrase I usually associated with it was:
                "Well done...



                  I always thought the slow clap was something only done in 80s teen flics where the nerdy hero suddenly becames cool and the school was cheeing him/her on...

        maybe seppukutember you need to convince as many people as you can that they are dishonorable and need to take their own life.

        All the Dune books?
        The first six only or the ones his sone does now?

        Either way, good luck!


          But yeah. ALL of them...


            Ive only read the first six, one day i could venture out into the unknown and read the son. I read a bit about some of the stuff he did and I don't think I like where he was taking some of the ideas.

      I hope that you aren't going to require photographic proof of the deeds o.O

      You are a strange man, FatShady...

      And I don't quite see this taking off as much as Movember.

      O.o I have no idea what to say...

        Just say you'll sponsor me lol..

        Just had this floating around in my head for acouple of weeks so thought i'd share....

        This is what happens to my brain without gaming or study. Have not really done any for a while.

      I'd join you, but I'd go for the greatest (also know as worst) crossover of all time. My face would get some pube like beard growth (that's just what happens when I don't shave for a month :/), and I'll give the singularity down there ( its own moustache, far manlier than any I could grow on my face.

    Anyone else getting huge browser slow-downs from certain ads on Kotaku recently? (Specifically the Telstra ones).
    I'm using Chrome, if that makes a difference.

      haven't had slowdowns myself, but my home pc sometime slocks up when i go to kotaku.. some flash crash/uninstall crap process gets stuck and I have to end task before it'll finish loading the page

      Yep. I just reload and hope a different ad comes up.

      Sorry Mark

      I installed a flash blocker on my browser so don't have this problem...

      Same for me, tried Chrome, Firefox and IE...

      Those Telstra NextG ads are horrendous, but those are the only ones that I've had much trouble with.

    Has anyone given mubi on ps3 much of a go?

    I've tried a few times to look through but a) it seems to be loading all the images and films reaaaaally slow, and b) from what I can tell, the films marked with the blue spot of being available on the ps3 service are few and far between...

    I was excited about this but I've given up even trying to browse it now.

    Leslie Nielson's dead? How can that even be possible. He hasn't aged since 1980...

      Shirley you can't be serious?


      He will be sorely missed. A true comic legend...


      Awwwww man, what a total bummer. The original Police Squad shows where just awesome. This stinks. :(

      Frank: Well, when I see five weirdos, dressed in togas, stabbing a man in the middle of the park in full view of a hundred people, I shoot the bastards, that's my policy.
      Mayor: That was a Shakespeare In The Park production of Julius Caesar, you moron. You killed five actors!

      Time to bring out the Police Squad and Naked Gun DVDs and have a marathon! In hilarious rememberance!!!!

    A friend of mine has just finished animating a video for a composition of his. It's based on video game music of the '80s and '90s but recorded with mostly live instruments. We finished recording it a few weeks back and he has furiously been animating since then. I thought I'd share it with you all.

    If you like it, subscribe! There is more to come soon!

    OMG, I JUST remembered!

    We find out the MvC Comp winners today! Sooo pumped!

    Good luck to all involved and may the best man whose name is "TadMod" win! lol

    But seriously, Good luck to all :D

      That's if I hear back from Capcom. Fingers crossed.

        Damn, did they start working on Valve time?

          I think this is relevant:

            I laughed so hard whilst reading that XD

    Frank Drebin: Cheer up, Ed. This is not goodbye. It's just I won't ever see you again.

    R.I.P. Lt. Frank Drebin.
    Police Squad salutes you.

    Leslie Neilsen: February 11, 1926 - November 28, 2010.

    Not hating on the concept of this - but considering how big Kotaku is, have you guys considered making actual forums?

    - O

      Mark did ask for comments/feedback last week about this. There are changes coming to the site (maybe) but nothing confirmed.

      I think the quality of comments around here is however a direct result of the level of moderation and i don't want this lost.. but there should be a better way?

      What about reputation, some level of rep that allows your comments to go straight through once you have a rep. The regulars around here would be unlikely to start a war of words or spam so that would alleviate some of the mod work?

      Or just let Loops do it!

        'Or just let Loops do it!'


        He wouldn't be able to help himself with the gratuitous editing possibilities :P

        I like how it is at the moment - maybe a few features to make following discussions a bit easier, though.

          Yeah agreed. Forums aren't always the easiest place to follow conversations either really, so modifying the current system is the best way to go. How... I cannot say! I leave that to smarter peoples.

            I'd say an idea that was discussed previously would be good. Collapsable conversations. What would make it even better though, would be to have an indiactor next to each one that's had a new post since your last visit, so you don't have to open each one to see if there's been any replies.

              I think the main issue I get faced with is that I won't know if somebody decided to reply to one of my comments until I try searching for my comment again at a later time, I hate making it look like I snubbed them :P

                Yeah ditto. I'm trawling through them each day more than usual but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. Big fan of the welbot idea!

          I don't know whether to agree or feel insulted :(

            +1 for community here, I think most places I would have been trolled pretty rabidly by now :D

            Yeah I guess the main thing with Kotaku (or any Gawker site) is that their main 'business' is the blog and all the different ways you can use it.

            So perhaps an actual forum is too severe a deviation of their principles, but at the same time argh it is tough to quickly browse these forum threads :)

        I think a forum would be great, even though I don't post regularly, it's mainly because my post normally gets lost in a sea of posts like in this thread.

        Or I have toruble keeping track of convos so I dont bother. This even though Kotaku is always on one of my computer screens.

        At least with a forum stuff would be more organised. The escapist has a good thing going and even has forum topics for articles and videos so that people can discuss them in a well thought out and organised manner.

      Nearly 300 messages in two days is proof that we need a forum

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