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    I finally finished Gothic 3 over the weekend! has taken me over a month of playing every afternoon/night and almost all weekends! Truly epic stuff! All that and I didn't even apply the extra story missions community patch, only the community patch that fixed a lot of bugs! :0 That's what I call value for money!

      Community patches are always the best ones. Look at CEP packs for Neverwinter nights, and that's still getting improved to this day, it's crazy!

      If only they got a Windows 7 patch to stop it from crashing a lot or to fix the choppyness :P

      My world is crashing down around me. Not only is Tadmod not the first comment, he hasn't even commented yet.

      Is everything OK?

        I bought this from Steam in the middle of the year and I haven't touched it yet but I fully intend to start it soon as Uni holidays is really long. Any advice on how to get this game up and running fabulously?

          if you mean performance wise.. lots of ram a good vid card and a decent cpu ;)
          It's a pretty demanding game. There are a boatload of tweaks available though if you are having problems. Everything from texture sizes to draw distances.

            I meant mod-wise, my MacBook Pro is more than up to the challenge.

              The best place to go is

              there's a wealth of information about the game and all the community mods/patches are there. Have a read through and you'll get all tghe info you need. You'll definitly want to apply the community patch though.. I think it's up to ver 1.7x.. they have extra content there too which you can download aswell if you like. Everything from new quests to weapons and textures i think.


        Mate, I thought I'd let somebody else have the thunder for one week :D

      I finished Alien vs Predator (2010) from my pile of shame over the weekend. Now I'm part way through Batman Arkham Asyum. AvP was mediocre and the story was so predictable. Batman is incredible so far but as always I reserve judgement until I clock games (or play a good deal of it).

    Hey guys, sorry I couldn't make it on Friday. :(

    How did it all go?

      Quite well, if I can say so. I didn't join in since a friend dragged me off to COD:BO Zombies, but I saw a bunch of Kotaku guys playing Reach, looked like they were going for some time.

      Hope next Friday goes well, I'll be overseas by then though, so I'll have to join in next time.

    Despite the absence of our glorious leader on Friday night, we managed to organise ourselves, and the playdate went full steam ahead.

    I had a great time, and thanks to all those who participated. From memory, the Reach participants I saw throughout the night were:

    WC Spook - The Cracks
    AshuraMGS3Sub - Neil Williams (who still needs to tell us his lame GT story)
    Jocon89 - Jo
    S117MP - AmbroseIV
    Hero2230 - Bob

    Team Kotaku dominated bungie matchmaking with a whopping 19 wins out of 24 matches, including a massive 11 game winning streak. That's 79% success!

    For those who missed missed out, here are some highlights for the night:

    Big Team 1 Flag CTF - 7 kotakians (?) + 1 random Vs random 8. Score: us 1 them 0. 10 seconds away from victory and Jocon89 accidently betrays the ONLY random in our team. Who happens to have a boot reflex. And used it. It was hilarious. :-)
    Jocon89 is in the wraith.

    In a slayer match on paradiso, myself and repneiras were in a warthog when a banshee bomb launched us unbelievably high, almost causing us to collide with The Cracks who was flying our banshee.

    2 Kotakians (??) managed to get perfections in the playdate which is just awesome.

    HindenLagen on atom - (sorry for the self congratulations. Its chronological order!)

    Jocon89 (aka the Wraith Master) on hemorrhage

    Grats to Neil for your promotion to commander during the night.

    Cheers to Batguy who made his Halo Reach debut with us.

    If anybody wanted to review the entire game history for the night, you are welcome to browse my game history.
    First match was Slayer DMRs on Forge World (Atom) 12.10.2010 1:39 AM (US date format & time as seen on
    Last match was Invasion: Spire on Spire 12.10.2010 7:24 AM

    If anyone else from the night has highlights or screenies that you want to share please do so! I only saw thing from my point of view, so I'm sure I missed a lot of our shenanigans.

      Wow! Awesome report!

        Indeed it is! Props, Hind.

        And thanks again to everyone who took part - it was a surprisingly enjoyable evening.

          Naw man, my 360 comes in today! (Though I still needed a Hard drive + Reach)

        I hope you make it to the next one Mark. I somehow ended up being the de facto leader, and I was worried about keeping everybody happy. It's great to see that people enjoyed themselves.

        The great thing I found was that we could act as a cohesive team, particularly in objective matches. If I had the flag and called for a mongoose pickup, one would promptly arrive.

        I do remember another funny of mine - an example of team failure. sarujin was driving me in a warthog drove into the deep water on Paradiso for no apparent reason. :-)

        Me: Um... I hope that was an accident?

        Sarujin: ...

        Iwata: (laughs)

          HindenLagen, yeah sorry about the Warthog off the cliff, that was my mistake not knowing the map. I have not played much Reach online.

          I wasn't talking much either, as I had the girlfriend next to me on the couch, and she mocks me for talking in games. So most of the time I had to have my microphone on mute.

          Overall I personally played poorly that night. But it was still good fun, I'd be keen to do it another time soon.

            Lol no worries, I had a good laugh.

            Where Halo 3 had invisible walls to tell you the boundaries of the levels, Halo Reach has instant death zones. Maybe the next game will feature amphibious warthogs?

      It was great fun, best time I've had in Reach multiplayer so far.

      Just need to try and clear up some commitments this Friday/Saturday so I can do it again. >:

      Good roundup man, was a fun night.

        You were absolutely beasty in the wraith. Jolly good show!

          Cheers man, you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
          In a completely non suss way.

      It was really good fun. I'm just glad I didn't suck quite as much as I was fearing, given that it was the first time I'd even taken my copy of Reach out of the plastic! Then I had to work out how to join the party, and what the hell the controls were (manuals are for suckers...). It's a wonder that I managed to kill anybody on the opposing team :)

      Team highlights were the tight capture the flag victories and winning a team slayer match something like 75-35.

      Personal highlights were driving the flag carrier back to base in a warthog successfully, flying a jetpack and being a gunner in one of those new-fangled helicopter things.

      I'm curious about one thing though - what the hell was that high pitched noise that somebody broadcast a few times over the course of the evening?

        Yeah, I wondered about that myself...

        And you were getting noticeably better as the night progressed, Batguy.

        I have no idea where that noise came from. I suppose whoever was transmitting wasn't aware they were. It was possibly a loose headset wire or bad feedback on a LAN.

    U2 tonight in Sydney! w00t! :D

      For anyone that is interested, the concert was amazing!

      The stage, lighting and "The Claw" is simple incredible, probably the single best stage design for huge stadium shows like that.

    Well its not SA's fault this time for no R18+ at the SCAG meeting

    But this sounds promising.

      I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea of abolishing the 15+ rating.

      Scrapping the MA15+ rating is as stupid as not having an R18+ rating in the first place.

      This has been my prediction for quite some time now - Rebadge MA15+ as R18 and call the job done.

      Politicians will argue win/win for everyone - Games out of the hands of children and adults have an R18+ category, without actually making changes to anything.

    I am annoyed with my new laptop. It's got great specs, but the video card seems like the drivers just don't work right :(

    I get, for example, a green screen over the top of Flash videos in my browsers sometimes. Occasionally I can't alt-tab in and out of a full-screen game. Really annoying.

    ATi get your damn act together and get me some good drivers!!

    /rant. No one is home today with me so you guys are my support network :P

      Tell me more about how that makes you feel...

      What was your childhood like growing up?

      Oh... that's all we've got time for unfortunately, please leave your wallet, watch and first born at the door, and we'll see you next time.

        HA! Nice work :P

      I just switched back from ATI to NVIDIA recently and I'm never going to betray them again. My first and last ATI, Radeon HD4870 was absolutely horrible, caused troubles in current games and backwards compatibility, even caused my windows 7 to stop being genuine after a driver update from ATI... which made no dang sense!

      Now I use a gtx460OC, so far it's been great with this years games, no problems whatsoever with ones like SC2. I think my current backwards compatibility problems are a combo of a very powerful graphics card and the OS of windows 7 (ultimate 64 bit) causing troubles for a game that expected a LOT less. Much better than the Radeon was though by far so I'm sticking to it.

      Adam, have you tried the Guru3d modifired drivers? A lot of people experience problems with the official drivers, but find these work much better. Might be worth a try..

        modified even.. damn you monday!!

          I'm always skittish about non-official drivers, but may have to give it a go.

          I'm on a laptop, which makes the selection of graphics cards a bit more restrictive. I've been an nVidia fan for a long time in my desktops-but I'm hardly using one of those anymore. Laptop ftw!

            guru3d are the only third party drivers i would trust. I've used them in the past and they are pretty rock solid.

    Good news for Elder Scrolls fans: Skyrim will be running on an all-new engine.

      By now I expect Bethesda games to be good, so this is the news I was hoping for - good to have it confirmed.

      The trailer looked quite nice'n'fancy (even though it didn't show much), I'm quite looking forward to Skyrim now. Feels like it'll be different in some significant/beneficial way.

      Thanks Cracks, that is good news indeed.

      Thank You.

      A friend of mine and I agreed that if they used GameBryo again we would have to stab someone. Probably not a Bethesda employee or anything, but you know, someone.

      So, I guess the randoms of Canberra should give you their thanks (yes, you, not Bethesda for not using the engine).

      :DD Hopefully this means a much smoother and less glitchy gameplay.

    Last week of work before I change jobs!! :D

    All I've got to do is stay awake and at least pretend to look productive for the next 38 hours... :)

    Erm Mark, could you change the Talk Amongst yourselves in the Editor's Picks to this weeks? Would be much appreciated :)

    Also, to anyone who is interested, EB is having a buy 2 get 1 free for pre owned games sale; I managed to get Gears 1, 2 and ME 1 for $40 (granted, I also got a bit of an additional discount, still, good value)

    So I finally sunk my teeth into AC: Brotherhood, making my way through the fourth memory segment dohickey. I don't know about anyone else, but it seems that whenever there is a game where you can waste time buying real estate and whatnot, I end up owning the entire kingdom long before I need to worry about finishing the game. Only in Fable 3 was there any pay off for doing it (I got the good ending whilst having a morally good character). Is this some rather specific form of gaming OCD?

      I'm doing that too. Rome is 100% renovated and I still have memory segments 7, 8 and 9 to go.

      The only other game I've done that kind of pre-preparation for is the Saboteur though. Usually, I like to blow into town, turn the game universe upside-down by finishing the main quest, then mosey on to my next game.

      Not sure why it's different this time...

      I got Rome to ~90% renovation, and started looking for the remaining few buildings. Then I realised that there is absolutely no benefit to getting 100% other than some mild satisfaction. Still, the extra cash is handy whenever the blacksmith has new gear.

        There is actually a small reward... You unlock the Auditore cape, which (as well as looking sweet) keeps your notoriety permanently at zero. It's handy if you're sick of posters littering your map every time you kill one measly guard.

    Ok so does anyone know a place to download VGA 2010?
    The official site only has the awards but would love to watch the show from start to finish.

    Yes it'll probably be crap but it's better than reading news about Oprah and Wikileaks during lunch time :-)

      omg oprah
      (for context, I'm in Sydney, he's in Melbourne)

      Me: Oprah is in Sydney
      Him: The news is all like: "and Melbourne is now looking forward to how it will survive a future without Oprah". It's all downhill from here I guess =(
      Me: You've had your moment! Don't be greedy!
      Him: :C
      Me: Well face it, we have the Oprah house. What do you have? Federation square? You don't even love her enough to rename things in her honour.
      Him: We had an Oprah tram!

      We also had a conversation about John Brumby solely going into politics just to be able to meet Oprah at the Melbourne gathering, but then Ted ridiculouslastnamehonestlywhoneedsallthosevowelsinasurname stole his job and now John Brumby is sad.

    I have to say I was a bit peeved yesterday when I sat down at my xbox. I turned it on (first time in a while) and got the new dashboard update. All is well and I kinda like the new interface. Scrolling around I see this feature on Pinball FX2 with those new marvel tables etc. I opened the feature to read that you can download the Full game for free... Sweet! I'll give it a whirl! Downloaded 300+mb of the game and while it was downloading I looked at the some of the tables you can download with points etc. So the download finishes, and I load it up to have a play and see if it's good enough to invest in a few of the new tables. Game loads... but there's no tables to play...? ok.. bit of a rort i think, but ok.. I'll download one of the demo tables to play for a while and see if it's any good. Street fighter 2 table finishes downloading, and I load it up.. play for 30 seconds and then.. DEMO OVER! WTFFFFFFFFF>>!>>!>? 30 seconds of gameplay for over 300mb of data? You've got to be shitting me! I was pissed enough to find that the FULL GAME free download is only a framework with nothing to play, but to then only give me a 30 second demo just takes the cake..

      Seriously, what the hell is with that?!? That has to be one of the biggest rip-offs on XBLA.

      'Hey, have a free* game!

      *Some assembly required. All other parts sold separately.'

        I got sucked into that for family game night.

        Its free but it doesn't have any games. They were all sold separately.


          Individual tables are only 200 point each, it's not a bad investment.

    For the love of all that is holy, I recommend that you watch this video.

      Bwahaha! That's hilarious! The actors seem to get headaches just from thinking about what they're saying next...

      Which reminds me of this:
      (Semi-NSFW (audio))

        Night Time..... Day Time!


      What the hell... haha, I those noddies are the best.

      Oh my god that's just what I needed. SO freakin hilarious.

    To all the fellow Year 12ers: Hoped you got the results you wanted. :)

    I didn't, but eh, didn't expect I would.

      If you don't mind my asking, how did you go?

      I sat it last year and it was horrid. Keep in mind that you can work your way into many higher level courses from B Arts or Sci if you didn't get the marks 1st go.

        Also, as any UNSW student can tell you: don't take actually getting marks for granted,

          Sorry for the late reply. Spent the entire day thinking about what I wanted to change me preferences to and such, and then went out.

          My ATAR was 96.2
          Which I'm fairly happy about, but I had a dream that needed me to get something just a tad higher.

          But I'm somewhat over it, and just ready to move on and see what uni life is like. :)

    Ok everyone can relax...

    I WAS sick all weekend but it is OK because I am back at work for Monday morning and feeling fine.
    This means I will give work my TIP_TOP best, the Queen Bee WILL be happy.


    I just bought a ridiculously expensive Pentax camera (for me, considering I have no official income) and now I'll be sitting by the door for the next few days waiting for it to turn up so I can take photos of all kinds of random and crazy things.

    I feel like I should somehow integrate it into my gaming but, short of reenacting Dead Rising, I'm out of ideas.

      That's a great idea, go to your local mall and pretend everyone there is a zombie. Should not be too hard, one shuffling mass of mindless bodies is just like the other.
      Just make sure any weaponry is made of foam.

      Post pics here and we will decide to give you a PP amount. You can then use this PP to gain no real benifits except for a sense of self satisfaction.

    Hi guys!

    Has ANYONE heard anything about the Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions DLC costumes? it's been out in the US over a month now. I know the game wasn't exactly... great, but I'd still like to grab it. Am I the only person in the PAL territories who cares?

      Dont know nuthin'

      I would like to say that Dan Slott wrote the game's story and he's doing an excellent job on Amazing Spider-Man right now so I can't wait to play.

    OMG, is there anything that LEGO can't do???

    I don't think I quite get it, but I know its awesome.... Even to think some smart arse built this thousands of years ago.
    *mind boggled

      The Antikythera Mechanism is awesome. Such incredible engineering.

      Yay for LEGO :D

    So... GAME has started selling Max Payne 3 (pre-order of course). I was too lazy/late to investigate further, but the box was on the shelf with a TBA release date.

    Anyone else noticed this, or bothered to find out about it from their local GAME guys?

      I would pre-order ANYWHERE else but GAME. They are regularly over the RRP for pre-orders, and will generally not give freebies out...

      I'm just sayin. I love my freebies.

        Depends if you order online or not - often games are cheaper elsewhere, but I know they regularly have online prices $10-20 less than in the store.

    Hey Mark,

    Where's the Comics and the Top Five Countdowns?

      The comics I had to pull because of totally messed up formatting, but the top 5 countdown was nowhere to be found.

        Also, any word yet from Capcom about the drawing comp? Would love to see the results from that.

          I emailed them this morning. Still waiting - I'm pretty pissed off considering the awesome entries we got.

          As soon as I know, I'll have it straight up on the site, I guarantee it!

            Any games out this week?

              Only one! Princess Sasha's Witches Paradise or something for the DS.

              That's why there was no 'This Week in Games' today...

            Are you able to show us all the entries anyway Mark?
            i just wanna see all the awesomeness!!! :)

              If I don't here something by tomorrow I'll chuck them all up tomorrow - you guys cool with that?

                that sounds awesome. I'm really keen to see the other entries!

    OK, I know there was a thread above about it, BUUUUTTTTT:


    What are everyone's hopes and fears? Glad about the new engine? Glad about it being in Skyrim? Glad about hearing DRAGONS announced?!?!*

    *If you answer no to any of these, I will begin hating you. I'm just saying.

    I'm SOOOO pumped! :D

      I'll start getting more excited closer to next November (*sigh*), but I'm super-psyched about the engine changed - I'm looking forward to details about the (hopefully, anyway) improvements over Gamebryo.

        Yeah, hopefully we'll look like we're walking when we are, rather than floating surreptitiously across the game-world, lol!

        And, in regard to the November comment, agreed, BUT! I remember the wait for Oblivion, (I didn't know it wasn't going to be as good as Morrowind at the time) It was 2005 and my mate and I got so excited at every tiny media release. The final month was the worst byfar, but the hype was loads of fun! :D

        Also, being released 5 days after my birthday means that I can use the pre-order as a birthday bonus :D

      There is but one thing I wanted from this game, and it looks like it has been delivered.

      The ability to smash a dragon in the head with a massive hammer.

      In actuality there are a million and one things I am hoping for, but most of all, I want bethesda to keep with tradition and have it optomised for pc. Because I hate games that aren't, they offend me.

      Oh, and beggars that don't change their voice halfway through conversations.

      Making games is easy and cheap, right? While I'm at it I'll ask for a jacuzzi, and for it not to be glitchy as all hell.

    In other news, finished my draft for a lengthy discussion paper on the R18+ issue... if anyone wants to read more about that :P It has to be peer-reviewed, which means it might not be online until late January, early Feb though.

    And BTW Mark, where are my awesome geeky prizes for getting Kudos last week? :P


    Just want to drum up support for a community playdate with Gran Turismo 5... I am not a playstation fan at all nor am i a fan of the loading times of this game.. but I did have a huge amount of fun driving a 50yo Merc around the Nurburgring last night.

    Racing is a real nice change of pace from the games i have been playing recently.

    If anyone wants a game, let me know, but i think organising up to 16 of us in a single lobby racing against eachother would be good fun i think.

    Who's with me! *stands up Braveheart style minus the face paint*

      I'm up for it!

        Wait, scratch that. I'll be away from my ps3 until Saturday. :(
        But the GT5 community playdate idea is awesome.

      I am bang up for a bit of that action. Depending on time, date etc but I am reasonably flexible after 8pm most days.

      Yeah, I'd definitely be up for it.. except my love for sport will stop me from being able to join in on playdate action.

    Hi Mark, just wondering if "This Week In Games" was absent because there are no games out this week or if it's just a wee, tottie bit late?

      There was one game out this week: Princess Isabella Witches Curse on the DS. That was it!

      So I though it probably best to not bother!

        Good call, sir. I assumed as much. It does get a little slow this close to Chrimbo.

        But... but... SHOULD YOU CARE?!

          Well, judging by the title, it sounds like a manly game for manly men to show off how manly they are.
          Only real men play this game!
          Are you a real man?
          *points to you, Uncle Sam style*

        I was a bit dissapointed with the lack of coverage about this game around here (I thought this was a quality site that didn't make assumptions about it's reader base)

        Anyway, here is some information about the game for those who were eagerly awaiting this game

        "Enter the mysterious and magical world of Princess isabella: a Witch’s Curse, a hidden object game for the Wii and Nintendo DS. Solve puzzles, battle against unnatural beings, and rescue your family as you cleanse your castle of the witch’s evil curse. Defeat her sinister plans as you explore 135 scenes, and complete over 40 puzzles on your way to the final showdown with the witch herself!"

        If you make it this far and didn't realise this is a complete piss-take... your fault!

        Sounds like shovelware...
        As a Nintendo fanboy, I'm getting a bit sick of the ammount of shovelware being heaped on the poor Wii.

    Picked up both StarWars box sets on Friday... then got trapped into family stuff so I couldn't get to watch them.

    I am dissapoint.

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