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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff - like what games are looking most forward to in 2011? Do you think it'll top 2010? Has 2010 been a good year for games?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

In my humble opinion 2010 has been a great year for games, with classics dotted around the months - instead of a giant overwhelming Christmas flood. From Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Red Dead Redemption all the way through to Halo: Reach and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - it's been a top year.

2011 looks set to be stellar: Dead Space 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, LA Noire. But what are you guys looking forward to, and why?


    Duke Nukem.. cause i still can't believe its finally gonna happen!

    Man I'm posting quite a bit now.

    I think 2010 was brilliant.
    Red Dead, Halo: Reach, COD: BO, AC:B, Fable 3, StarCraft II and so many other games made 2010 a gamer's golden year... Except I had to finish my VCE, that was a bitch.

    Personally, I'll be keeping my eye on Gears of War 3, the new Assassin's Creed project, Homfront, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Brink and Prototype 2 (if that's coming out in 2011 or even ever).

    Exciting year, next year is.

    My top 3 most-wanted games for 2011:

    1) The Last Guardian
    2) The Last Guardian
    3) The Last Guardian

      I'm with ya there except:

      2)Shadow of the Colossus
      1)Last gaurdian

      I STILL haven't played them yet. As my older, smarter brother would say: "I'm fangin' for it".

        GAH! Blasphemy! First its loops not playing Zelda and now thistler not playing SoTC or Ico... what is the world coming to!? HAVE YOU ALL GONE MAD!

          Ha ha

          I owned ICO and never finished it, loved the art style but the gameplay was lacking.

          Missed out on Shadow, really wanted to play it but was overseas for months and when I returned just got lost in the sea of titles that happened in my absence.
          Wont be playing Gaurdian as I bought a 360 not a PS this generation.

            And that means no HD collection for you either! So you have no excuse but to go back there and finish the PS2 versions! Maybe prices on ebay and such for these will drop upon the HD release? Mebe... mebe not.

            Yeah but I suppose the gameplay of Ico works for some and not others. I loved it myself, but I can understand why others wouldn't at the same time. But SoTC - gameplay is undeniably awesome!

              I'm somewhere in the middle of playing through Dragon Quest 8 on PS2 but the 360 all pulls me away.

              When They are rereleased for handheld I will be all over it.

          I actually skipped that whole generation. I was busy "taking uni seriously". I'm back to normal now, it was temporary insanity but I can now stretch and staple a canvas and also... well I can make a mean canvas.

            Ah I see, I see. Well, least you will experience them in a way that should be without their few flaws (I'm looking at you and your sometimes laggy McLag SoTC)


    Deus Ex: HR

    LA Noire

    If these games suck, my 2011 will fail.

    Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Fingers crossed its as awesome as the classic original.
    Mass Effect 3 - If it does indeed come out in 2011, ready to finish Shep's story.

    2010 has been a great year but looking at the release schedule for Feb - Mar 2011, looks like I'll need to take some annual leave around that time. :P

    2010 was good, 'specially considering I thought it would quiet (for some weird reason) in the lead up.

    As for next year, I don't know where to begin...

    I guess 3DS & Snake Eater are at the top of my list; followed by Homefront, Mass Effect 3, Dead Space 2 and the next Assassin's Creed. Again, followed by a group of games including Portal 2, Deus Ex HR, Gears of War 3, LA Noire & Dragon Age 2.

    I might take a look at Star Wars The Old Republic and Skyward Sword, along with a few others (Devil's Third, Little Big Planet 2, Max Payne 3, etc.), but I dare not overcommit in case they suck or I can't afford them.

    If anything, I dislike the years with too much choice more than the ones with only a handful of promising games. :/

    The Old Republic. Crossing my fingers it'll be out in the first half of the 2012 financial year ><

    Not holding my breath though.

    Hmm, I liked 2010 for games, it was spread over the year and not all in one go as you say. My wallet appreciated that.

    I'm looking forward to:

    The Last Gaurdian
    LA Noire
    and surprised no one said portal 2!

    My second attempt at this.

    Brink, Homefront, Crysis 2 and LA Noire are doing it for me. Hopefully they will live up to my expectations.

    Arkham City
    Infamous 2
    LittleBigPlanet 2
    LA Noire
    Zelda Skyward Sword
    The 3DS

    Next year is gonna rock!

    So far, only 1 game has caught my attention.
    Little Big Planet 2!

    Dragon Age 2
    LA Noir
    Deus Ex
    Prolly somethin Im forgetting.

    I'm probably the only one on here who thinks this, but okamiden! I can't wait to finally play it. I love okami.

    Others I'm looking forward to are:
    Zelda skyward sword
    Test drive unlimited 2
    3ds and anything good that comes out for it.

    2010 was a fantastic year for high quality games and a terrible year to be a bank account.

    Excluding games that have already been mentioned, I hope to see Beyond Good and Evil 2 next year, and the X-COM reboot.

    Also Diablo 3.

    Batman Arkham City,
    Dragon Age 2,
    Halo CE-HD (it's coming, we all know it),
    Duke Nukem,
    Project Draco.

    Ni no Kuni! Can't believe noone mentioned it yet! (or maybe they did and I overlooked...)

    And of course The Last Guardian, that game is gonna be just pure amazing. Everyone knows it.

    Though I remain cautiously optimistic, I am nevetheless optimistic about the next Zelda. Replaying Wind Waker at the moment and it's just making me more excited for it.

    And then the 3DS. Mmmm... as time goes on I get more dubious of this device. Memories of the Wii release are coming back to me. Please don't break my heart twice Nintendo :'(

    "Do you think it’ll top 2010? "

    Hells yes!

    Portal 2, Infamous 2, LBP2, Ico/SoTC, Last guardian, Arkham City, and probably Uncharted 3.

    No mention of Super Mario Galaxy 2 as one of this year's greatest games? What's wrong with all of you people.
    But anyway, next year I'm looking forward to the 3DS, definitely =) Also Portal 2 and considering Kirby won't be out in Australia until 2011, I guess I'm still looking forward to that, while everyone in America/Japan are looking back on it >.>

      Mario Galaxy 2 - def in my top five games this year along with RDR, ME2, Halo: Reach, AC: Brotherhood.

        Haha, I just noticed its glaring omission from that short list you wrote in the article.

    I'm really excited about these titles, but that's tempered with a mix of nervous anticipation for them too:

    I. Dead Space 2
    II. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    III. Rage
    IV. LA Noire
    V. Dragon Age 2
    VI. Crysis 2

      I have my fears about Dead Space 2.

      - Why show Isaac's face.
      - Why have multiplayer.
      - Why have mega action sequences.

      I'm a bit worried tbh.

        Why multiplayer indeed. It seems a lot of SP titles/series are getting the token MP treatment. Bioshock 2, AC: Brotherhood. They may have their own unique flabour but but nothing that's going to make me throw the DVD back into my 360 anytime soon.

        Is there any data from Microsoft / Sony regarding how many of their users actually play these titles online in MP matches? I can't see it being anywhere near CoD, Halo, TF2 etc territory.

        Sort of in response to the EA announcement - Yeah DLC, extra content is fine but not all titles need some competitive multiplayer component.

        Agreed. However...

        Regarding the multi-player aspect | you could argue that the MP in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood sounded dubious when first reported, but in reality has added to the experience for players and didn't affect the success of its single player experience? I haven't played Brotherhood yet, so it's just what I'm gleaning from the press and player posts. And as a player, I very rarely player MP anyway.

        And yes,

        Revealing his face (which dampens the mystique of the character considerably imo) and the maximum-mega-blockbuster sequences are contentious points (isn't it MEANT to be a suspense-drive, survival horror franchise...umm..please?).

    I'm looking forward to all the shovelware that will be released on Kinect now that the Wii is yesterday's fad.
    Maybe something like;
    'Kinect Fitness Family Zoo Pet Fun Party Time Adventure'
    Ironically though it will be the first game to be given the new 'R' rating.

    Honestly? I'm too busy catching up with games from 2009/10 to care about 2011!

    I loved Dead Space so cautiously waiting for 2 (as said above, they seem to be losing the plot a bit), and definitely looking forward to Test Drive Unlimited 2 and the Warhammer 40k games (Space Marine and the Retribution expansion for Dawn of War 2).

    Deus Ex and Dragon Age 2... I'm trying to avoid learning about them so I can be pleasantly surprised when I play them. Loved the originals so want it to be a fresh experience.

    Portal 2, Brink, Arkham City. If I can get those, won't really need anything else.

    Bring on Infamous 2 & Arkham City. I'm cautiously excited for Deus Ex 3... not to mention Max Payne 3? Maybe we'll even see a new GTA next year? Here's hoping!!

    from most wanted to less most wanted, lol
    1- mechwarrior 5 (if it indeed will be released anytime soon)

    2- duke nukem forever, nuff said.

    3- crysis 2, last because crysis 1 was pretty bad, but the modding was awesome, and crysis 2 doesnt seem like its going to be as "good" as the last (action on consoles =/= action on pc, gonna be borring-er to say the least)

      OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG,

      Mechwarrior Five!!!!!!!!!

      Bring it on.

      I just want an announcement!

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