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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff - like what has been your favourite gaming moment of the year?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I've spent a good amount of time this week talking about my favourite gaming moments - but what about you guys? Has there been anything that stands out? Let us know in the comments below.


    Finally finishing Super Meat Boy.

      I am so god dman close but the last level before the boss in the end is kicking my arse.

        Tha bloody level took me over 2 hours to complete. Note, after you get the key and drop down to the suspended ledge, you can jump the next spinning blade quite easily.

    My gaming moment of the year is starting to play on Xbox. That's pretty big I guess?

    NHL 11 blew my mind, one of the games of the year :D

      G0 NUCKS!!!!!!11!1!!

        NUCKS! :D
        but yeah, so far, my goty, still need to grab alan wake and have yet to get halo reach (it's sitting about 5 metres away from me and the tree ><)

    Whilst Mario Galaxy 2 and Halo: Reach were my most enjoyable games of the year, I have to say the biggest wow moment was DKCR.

    I expected a neat little homage to the great DKC trilogy of old, but what I got was a huge nostalgia hit. Before you even start the game, the wii pre-menu belts out the classic title theme. The first playable moment starts you in DK's treehouse (squee!), with the same music from the first level as DKC1 playing (squee!!). The banana hoard underneath the treehouse was empty (squee!!!), and returning to the treehouse grants you a bonus life (SQUEE!!!!).

    Within a few minutes there was enough nostalgia to last an entire game. This is probably a good thing because that is what the rest of the game lacked.

      As a single player experience I actually preferred DKC Returns to NSMB Wii. Which is really saying something, because I thought NSMB was incredible.

        Yes I agree. NSMB Wii was built for multiplayer carnage, and it succeeded. The addition of extra players increases chaos, but the team as a whole is as good as the strongest link, thanks to the "bubble" function.

        Similarly DKCR was clearly built for single player, as often the 2nd player hinders more than helps. For example, in coop, many jumps you would have to roll jump, rather than use the jetpack you have in single player. The team here is only as good as the weakest link.

    Grabbing the Alan Wake Collector's Edition on a whim, after not following it in the press at all... and then being blown away by it

    Best moment was the second the Skyrim trailer came on.

      Hopefully Bethesda improves their visuals, voice acting, animations and dialogue.

      But as much as I gripe about their faults, the TES games do have a strange appeal I cannot deny.

      Seeing the Skyrim trailer got me into playing Oblivion, so I have to agree that it has had an impact on my gaming year.

    Top 3 (all equally)

    A) Playing through Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Great game, stunning visuals, great characters and voice acting.

    B) Favourite kill in Modern Warfare 2 Online - snapping a guy who had Martyrdom, then throwing his dropped grenade at his team mates to get not only a double kill but the Martyr Emblem. Thanks Buddy!

    C) Feeling like an absolute bad-a$$ in Batman: Arkham Asylum. My only gripe is that the detective bits were a bit too easy. Otherwise, it was finally a game that really made me feel like Batman!

    Playing a turned based RPG Co-op...DQIX, BABY!

    Next I need some Turn-based versus that isn't the poke-e-munz.

    Riding into Mexico for the first time, on horseback while the sun came up.

      You have the correct answer. Personally for me, I had the sun setting, so that was quite special riding towards it... A friend of mine had a thunderstorm, that would have been incredible.

      Honourable mentions...

      God Of War III
      Kratos vs Poseidon & Kratos vs Kronos (though I think they spell it Chronos)

      Heavy Rain
      The 3rd Trial... abandoned building, you and a few items lying around the kitchen and a table with a camera to sit in front of.

      my favourite moment in rdr (and for the year in gaming) was (minor spoiler alert) riding back home through the night to see my wife towards the end of the game, with "compass" by jamie lidell playing as the soundtrack. gave me chills.

    I have 2.

    The ending to Red Dead Redemption , and watching the final cutscene to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

    Fantastic stuff.

      How was Castlevania?

      I've been thinking about buying it.

        A truly underrated experience.
        Some subtle nods to the old skool 2D games, but offers heaps more in cutting out it's own image.

        Sadly, it does fail in being generic in times.

        With a deeply unique battle system as you string combos' and parries. A great cast of characters and story, outstanding music and settings, it's a blast to play.
        The ending is a massive WTF that totally sits you upright and leaves you eagerly wanting more.

        I'm sure you can find it on the cheap somewhere.

    Mass Effect 2 was filled with moments that consistantly led to my jaw dropping.

    Also playing through Deadly Premonition with a friend of mine has led to some hilarious gaming moments this year.

    It simply has to be the absolute joy of discovering Bayonetta, my all-time favourite 360 title.

    Nothing is nearly so smooth and sleek to play, nothing has such amazing character/model design, and absolutely nothing I have ever seen has had such -badass

      Yay, iPhone. :/

      Badass choreography. Is what I meant before my phone cut me off.

        Nothing wrong with focusing on her ass. Mark basically dedicated an article to it yesterday!

    Norman Jayden OD'ing at his desk.


    1. John's last stand in RDR. Amazing.

    2. Noble's desperate fight to survive in Reach. "There'll be another time..."

    3. First entering the Strip in New Vegas.

    Red Dead and Mass Effect I can not seperate. I adored both for their atmosphere but they could not be further apart in the settings. I would like to see what "Red Mass Dead Effect" would look like though.

      The Omega 4 relay would be a wooden outhouse.

      "You must pass through the toilet bowl, Mr Moreau."

    Heavy Rain. Ethan's trials. Unbelievable.
    It's going to be pretty much impossible to top that in my mind, pretty much ever.

    I'd almost have to say playing Unchartered 2 for the second time... on a freaking awesome projector (Sony Bravia one, I think).

    Drake was probably 10 foot tall and the picture quality was amazing. Coupled with awesome sound, it was almost like playing the game in a cinema.

    I hate to sound like a massive geek - but the perfect re-imagining of the transformers in War for Cybertron - and being able to play as them!

    Michael Bay destroyed transformers for me, temporarily. But the team that worked on WfC found that perfect ballance of new and old school and really killed it..

    Except for Megatron, who looks like a chode....

    ...But i gues megatron has always been a bit penis-esque

    Loading up RDR and seeing just how huge and amazing it was going to be.
    Careful saving and nailing every chick on the Normandy. Space Pimpin'!!!!

      Spaaacceee Pimpin, across the universe.
      Boldly going forward, we cannot find reverse.

    1. Literally choking up at the end of Red Dead Redemption. Wow...just wow.
    2. Enjoying every moment Yusuf Amir graced the screen in Ballad of Gay Tony.
    3. Mass Effect 2.

      Agreed, Omid Djalili NAILED that. My favourite moment(s) would have to be finishing the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 with everyone alive, and playing through Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Currently playing the first two Golden Suns :)

    Murdering Benny in Fallout: New Vegas in the room next to his bodyguards, then picking up his corpse and dragging it around them. They stood there, just staring, while I dragged the lifeless body of their employer around them, saying things like "You'd better not try any funny business."

    My gaming moment of the year: Finally getting wireless working in my house, so my consoles can now connect to the interwebs!




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