Ten Years Of Threadless, Ten Years Of Video Game T-Shirts

Online clothing store Threadless, purveyors of t-shirts for nerds, turned ten this year. Happy Birthday, guys! In celebration, here are some of the site's best gaming t-shirts.

Note these are the ones that have made it into production, not simply turned up for voting.

As a fan of the site, I actually grabbed one of their coffee table books a few weeks back; while the gaming section is limited to a couple of pages, it's still a nice thing to have around, as much for the story of the site and its designers as for the galleries of shirts.



    I have the fourth one :-)

      Same, got the 9th one as well.

      Yep everyone needs number 4, especially for the 18+ debate :D

    Gee, I have more gaming threadless tees than I expected. I have numbers 7, 8, 11, 26 and 29.

    I love threadless, I admire them on a number of levels. The community aspect and the quality of the designs, the regular sales and rewards for customers, not to mention amazing prices. $10 for a nice fitting, cotton tee with an awesome design? Hell yeah.

      I used to think this too until I realised just how profitable Threadless is. These guys are running at something like a 90% profit margin because the shirts are produced so cheaply.

      They don't have to pay for designers or anything, it's all community-driven. Winning designers receive... free shirts, and they also get free advertising from people taking shots for store credit. It's a self-perpetuating business model.

    Again with the non-linkage? Seriously, it's really not that hard to shill properly. Get with the program guy.


      Thanks for that, didn't realise threadless had so many cool gaming shirts :)

        Is there a trick to finding some of those shirts? Not even half of those pics above are on the site :(

          That's not how threadless works. They accept community designs which are voted upon and the winners are put into production for a limited time. If there's something you desperately want then vote for a reprint and there's a chance they might do so. But usually once it's done, it's done.

          But yeah, I too underestimate how much Threadless stuff I've bought. I have nearly half those designs, and that's just the game-related ones...

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