'The Brothers Mario' Warps The Mushroom Kingdom Into Liberty City

This may be the best Grand Theft Auto IV machinima we've ever seen, dropping the major players of Super Mario Bros. into a gritty, violent world where gangster Bowser is the most feared criminal in the Mushroom Kingdom.

While there might be six too many dramatic walkaway explosions in "The Brothers Mario", by YouTube filmmakers Country Club Pictures, this short film more than makes up for it with great interpretations of Bullet Bill and its near-Rockstar calibre editing. Throw in a few Bad Boys and The Professional gags and we've got a Super Mario Bros movie we'd actually want to watch.

New Mario Bros. Movie Trailer [YouTube]


    Holy effing heck!!!
    That was AMAZING!!!

    Hahaha, love it.

    That was amazing.

    Well, excuuuuuse me, Princess!

    That was freaking epic. I'd watch a movie like that.
    Hear me, Hollywood? Make that film!

    That is without a doubt the greatest game i'll unfortunately never play.

    Absolutely brilliant.

    That was brilliant.

    Absolutely better than Bob Hoskins.

    Toad, give me some shells! Hahaha!

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