The Coolest PlayStation 3 Bundle You Can’t Buy

The Coolest PlayStation 3 Bundle You Can’t Buy

Now this is a bundle: Laser-etched Killzone 3 PlayStation 3. Move Controller. PlayStation Eye Camera. Nike Move sneakers. Nike Killzone combat boots. Sony showed it all to us at a PlayStation event in New York today.

This Nike Move PS3 bundle, as we’ve mentioned regarding the shoes inside it, won’t be sold to consumers. But it will be given to very special people, PlayStation public relations man Ron Eagle told us. Those special people include such as Minnesota Twins all-star catcher Joe Mauer, who was featured on the cover of this year’s PS3 baseball game, MLB The Show ’10.

We’re looking at Mauer’s PS3 bundle in this video, actually. They’re sending one to our editor-in-chief Brian Crecente, too. Even though he’s never been on the cover of anything (except, he says, in the form of a caricature or a gold statue or something. Whatever.).


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