The Creepiest Rebirth Of Post-Cataclysm Azeroth

Over the past six years in World of Warcraft, countless low-level Horde players have met their death at the hands of the people of Hillsbrad Town, but nothing they did was bad enough to deserve what happened to them post-Cataclysm.

Music: Kevin MacLeod's "The House of Leaves"


    I finished that section of Hillsbrad the other day, and I gotta say, one of the most impressive areas yet. The game just keeps on shining. Although, the game does start to make you do some pretty fucked up shit...But all that is redeemed with the fact that Johhny Awesome and Dumass are some of the most memorable and hilarious new characters to the game. Also, the quests involving Krol Ragefist (sic) is actually quite heartbreaking. I don't think I've cared for an NPC quite so much before.

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