The Die-Cast Underbelly Of Gran Turismo 5

The underside of a Gran Turismo 5 racer reveals this curiosity: the logo for die-cast collectible maker AutoArt (lower side, centre).

AutoArt's made Gran Turismo models before (that actually is the Nismo Skyline GTR, the same car depicted in the screenshot), and GT5 studio Polyphony Digital has plenty of the collectables on hand.

No one's suggesting they base the entire car on AutoArt die-casts, but it looks like at least a generic undercarriage from one was used here.

Update: Looks like this is an Easter Egg. Reader ShiryuGN supplies this picture of an actual AutoArt undercarriage; it has no logo, like the one above.

Thanks wh33z3r for the tip.


    Weren't people saying this game's detail was going to be amazing? From this picture all I can gather is that they were wrong...

    The actual AutoArt undercarriage and the one in-game both look exactly the same to me. Sure it's a bit hard to see, but I can see the logo in the same place as it is in-game.

    Don't mind the logo, what about the back of the wheel (bottom right of picture)

      I couldn't believe it when i saw that wheel. Sure you don't see that in-game during races or replays, but wtf were they doing for all those 5 or whatever years? Cutting corners?

      I don't know if the whole die-cast underside is an easter egg, but I'm not taking it as a cool factor until Kaz says it is. I would hate to think they scanned model cars instead of the real ones for the standard models.

        High expectations? I never thought i'd hear people complain about the level of detail that exists on the inside of a wheel while the car is upside down that you almost never see. "you don’t see that in-game during races or replays"

        Just don't ever look at the crowds in ANY sporting games will you.

          People will complain about the level of detail when you predicate your whole game on the aforementioned level of detail. It ain't like PD came out and said "Oh, the graphics will be pretty ok". If they want to claim perfectionism as the reason for the late delivery of this game, then perfection is what we will expect. And they did not deliver that.

            I'd argue that when they refer to "level of detail" and "realism" in GT they are talking about the driving experience - graphics are just one part of that (and definitely not the most important part of a driving simulator!). As for the 5 year thing, I can't believe how hung up people get over that number - shouldn't we be glad that at least some developers out there can afford the luxury of producing games without rushing them to market as the first priority?

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