The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Unveiled, Dated For 2011

Bethesda Softworks just announced the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, the sequel to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, will be called Skyrim. And it'll be out next year.

Bethesda's Todd Howard introduced the game with a brief teaser showing a stone dragon and a dramatic narration that sets up the story of the next big role-playing game in the Elder Scrolls series. That teaser all dated Skyrim for November 11, 2011.


    that tralier give off the whole viking dragon slayer vibe wich is probably the single most awesome concept in the history of concept's for the love of god this game better have throwing axes

      its looking like its gonna be wicked year for PC gaming with skyrim, deus ex, dragon age 2 and the witcher 2 (i know that all except the witcher are going to be on consoles as well but with that list of your not playing them on PC lets be honest your doing it wrong)

        2009+2010 have largely been a console affair, but I can safely say PC will dominate my time next year!

          ... damn straight

          2011 the year PC gaming was reborn

        If I tried playing these games on my craptop... I'd be doing it wrong.

        Here's hoping they don't design the UI's for the consoles first and forget about the PC ie Oblivion and Fallout 3. They are certainly navigable on a PC but they are clearly made with the limitations of a controller in mind.

          thats why i like bethesda games even if the UI sucks its pretty simple to mod out the crappy parts

      The game will be heavily viking. I just checked my map that came with oblivion (more games need physical maps) and Skyrim is above bruma. and Bruma was already halfway to viking :D

      and about throwing axes, this game will have them, but if it doesn't expect a mod


    Let us pray it's as good as Morrowind! :D :D

    That looks wicked :D
    It's going to be both a PC and XBOX release, right?

      And PS3.

    There IS a God!!!

    OOOh sounds like Max Von Sydow is narrating! WICKED

      Everyone is recognising this Sydow guy but me :(.

        He's been around for yonks and in too many movies to name. Same caliber as Patrick Stewart, as far as being a sick narrator for an Elder Scrolls game :)


    The music, oh god that music. I need this now.

    Also, no gamebryo pls

      This. No Gamebryo, it's not about graphics..that engine is just too awkward and restrictive.

    I only started playing Oblivion this year, so the news of a sequel so soon (for me) is amazing!


    My god this looks like it could be awesome!
    so many awesome previews.. i'm overloading!

    I hope they bring back spears, polearms, trowing weapons and cross bows. And i really hope they overhaul the magicka system. i hate how blizzard in morrowind and oblivion are just a large blue fireball.

    Hopefully bethsoft will have taken the hint on how popular middas's magic mod was and do that with spell effects

    I know half if not all the teasrers/first trailers are touched up so much to look great - but I'll be the first to say it...

    An Elder Scrolls game will not look that good!

      Who cares. Honestly, I'm sick of the graphics arms race. I've got a PS3, an Xbox 360 and a high end gaming PC and they're all taking a back seat to a DSiWare game that looks like it could be run on an Atari 2600.

    Please fix the faces this time... for the love of god... fix the faces...

    Apparently Skyrim will run on a modified engine from id Software:

      By the gods, I hope you're right. I dunno if I can cope with another gamebryo engine game...

      Also I'm a viking fanatic and always thought the Nords were a bit under-developed in ES games, so glad that Skyrim is going to be the location for the next game!

      That music too... I'm somewhat giddy now!

        How good is that music.

        Is that just for the trailer, or is there somewhere I can find it?

          @James It seems like a remix of Oblivion's main theme, with added viking choir :) Seems like Skyrim will use it.

      I wouldn't get my hopes up cause a more recent interview said Bethesda are using an upgraded Gamebryo for an unannounced title. By Azura I hope they use Tech 5.

        The engine is new - 'It's an all new graphics and gameplay engine internal to BGS, and it looks incredible'

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