The End Of The World, As MotorStorm Knows It

Getchaself a good look at the gameplay in MotorStorm: Apocalypse, in which those fortunate enough to have working vehicles choose not to flee their city's imminent destruction, but rather have badass races before all the buildings collapse. Or during them.

SCEA reminds us that the game will feature a playable demo before its early 2011 release; will support 3D; will feature more driver and vehicle customisation, with more driver taunting gestures, and "ambitious" plans for post release support. The game is due early next year.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Skyline Video, Demo in 2011, DLC Plans, Photo Mode and More [PlayStation Blog]


    This looks to be a lot of fun, a changing destructible environment can be a lot of fun, as anyone who's played split second can attest. However I've heard that if you enable the 3D the framerate takes a nose dive, can anyone confirm this?

    Anyone else reminded of Canabalt when they see this?

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