The FIFA Record Breaking Attempt Begins!

Earlier this week we reported on Michael Pluterflam's attempt to break the world record for playing FIFA non-stop - today he kicked things off, and we went over to Bondi Junction to help him out with a quick match. The end result? I lost - but only because I couldn't remember how to change the controls to alternate!

As we speak/write Michael Pluterflam is in the midst of attempting to play FIFA 11 for 29 hours straight. The reason? To raise money for the Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camps, a camp set up for disabled children, and Football United, which provides disadvantaged children with access to sport.

But how did this idea come about? According to Michael's Dad, it all began when 17-year-old Michael was banned from games in the lead up to his HSC exams.

"I tried to take the console away during his exams," explained his Dad. "And he said, 'when this is all over I'm going to play for two days straight!' I said 'you might as well do something contructive if you're going to do that!'

"So he started looking up the Guinness Book of Records, saw the FIFA record, and started looking into how he could break that record. And then he thought 'I might as well do it for charity'. He's going to volunteer at the Sony Camp so they seemed like the perfect choice. Then everyone else, EA, Football United, got involved."

It's a great idea, and by the time we arrived, he had already raised a fair amount of cash.

As for my match, well, I made Michael choose Glasgow Celtic so that when I beat him (with Glasgow Rangers of course) the victory would be all the sweeter. Sadly it didn't go to plan. A clever lofted cross early in the first half did the damage, and I was playing catch up for the rest of the match. I came close with a driven ball into the box late in the day, but I fluffed the shot over the bar.

Apparently Craig 'Fozzy' Foster was the first player to challenge Michael at FIFA, and that match ended in the same scoreline. My goal was to make sure I didn't do worse than Fozzy, and I achieved it.

You can head over to level 6 at Westfield in Bondi Junction, just next to the Cinema, and challenge Michael to a match for a small donation. All jokes aside, it's a great cause, and it's worth supporting. He'll be finishing up tomorrow at 5pm, so head on over! He has promised to give free Sydney FC tickets to anyone who can beat him by more than two goals!


    Ewwww.....Sydney FC :P

    I joke. Don't suppose there's an online way to donate?

      There is in fact:

    How long has someone played Diablo 2? I'm pretty sure i could break that record. I've played it in non-stop 12 hour sessions a few times

    Good on him. Great to see the likes of Fozzy get behind the cause as well.

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