The First Mass Effect 3 Trailer Looks So Damn Good

BioWare and Spike just unveiled the first full look at Mass Effect 3 and holy hell does it look amazing. As previously outed by EA, the Earth is burning and terrifying machines are destroying the human race.

Mass Effect 3 will be out by holiday 2011, according to this first-look tease of the shooter RPG.


    woah ... excuse me i need to go change my pants

    ok who's voice was that i swaer it sounds familiar

      Sounds like Sam Worthington.

        The voice actually sounds a lot like Jason Statham. Youtube some of his work - there is a pretty good resemblance.

        No way is it Sam Worthington. Anyone who's seen Avatar knows that he can't hold an accent for more than 30 seconds, and this trailer went for at least twice as long as that.

      unfortunately I think it is Sam Worthington... he can't act.

        Unfortunately, no. I detected a UK accent and Sam couldn't pull off anything but an Aussie accent to save himself...

        I don't think it sounded like him at all. Also: he can't do accents for shit (see Terminator 4). I think that's a real Brit.

        It's not Worthington and it's not Statham either.

        That Voice = English accent
        Sam Worthington = Australian accent.
        I think you need to work out that not so subtle difference ;)

      That doesn't sound anything like Sam Worthington or Jason Statham to me.
      If anything it sounds more like Simon Pegg.

        Although it could just as easily be a nobody with a really cool sounding voice.
        It's just that Statham and Worthington have much deeper voices, and if you've ever heard Simon Pegg put on his serious tough guy voice it sounds awfully similar.
        But hey, I could be wrong.


    hype hype hype you have got me now!

    It does look bloody amazing. But it is (I think) the same footage used in that upcoming shooter. I'm still getting Halo 3 vibes from it.

    So the Reapers have launched a full-on invasion of Earth and are apparently using Husks on the surface? Wonder what the Citadel fleet is doing this whole time...

      "But it is (I think) the same footage used in that upcoming shooter."

      No, the footage was previously shown in a teaser trailer for the VGA, not giving a title. People speculated on what it was, but most people assumed ME3 based on the design of the gun.

    who thinks this dude will be a major character?

    ALRIGHT!!! So glad the clues all lead to ME3. This is going to be a huge finale in the trilogy. Cant wait!

    Hmmm. This teaser similtaneously awesome and dissapointing. Reapers attacking Earth and Shepard has to rally support from around the galaxy for a "final" mission. Seem somewhat familiar?

    I'll hold my judgement until I learn more, but I really hope ME 3 turns out heaps better than ME 2.

      Agreed, they really need an awesome formula up their sleeves to structure the finale. I don't think doing errands for races will have as much impact a 2nd time.

        I think we've all seen it coming to this point. The final image in ME2 was the Reaper invasion force heading towards the galaxy. Obviously, Shepard has done a lot to piss them off in ME1 and ME2, so it's logical a full-scale assault on Earth eventuates.

        What will be interesting is how all the decisions your Shepard made in ME1 and ME2 will affect the individual storyline for that character. I have two completely different Shepard characters ready to go, and I cannot wait to see how differently they will play.

        BioWare will come through. I was extremely please with ME2 and where they took the story, I don't expect to be disappointed with ME3!

        I'm hoping it turns out better structured than Mass Effect 2's main plot. Another version of "collect a team and go fight a big battle" would be a little repetitive. I also hope they have a good reason for making Earth the target (not just "humans have magical DNA and the Reapers don't like us for some reason").

        Really looking forward to how they manage importing decisions from the first two games - Bioware have been pretty great at giving the player choices, going to be fascinating to see how they all pan out.

          If I have my facts right Bioware have followed that formula for almost all of their games.
          I don't see them changing now.

          Magical DNA is my guess. Which I think is kind of lazy writing, which is disappointing because most everything else is pretty good. It's just a pity the actual main story strays a little too close to cliche.

          "I also hope they have a good reason for making Earth the target"

          I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it, but I'm pretty sure in one of the games it infers that Earth is one of/the most populated planets in the galaxy. The human race breeds like rabbits compared to most races. I think that was one of the worries put forward by another race- humanity would end up overrunning Citadel space and taking control simply by sheer numbers.

          (Reminded of the hilarious "Australia will be a Muslim country in 50 years" scare campaign from a couple of years ago, now)

    OFYGHSJEHYSERJTYSERTER Bioware is awesome.

    By the maker.....

    What does holiday 2011 mean? Does it mean next years christmas holiday or what? Also I'm really exited for this game. Mass Effect is my favourite video game series.

      If I had to guess, I'd say it's mid year, that's summer holidays for the US, their longest break.

      yeah, in the US 'holidays' means christmas/new years time so it'll be almost certainly a november or december release


      Three thumbs up

    War Of The Worlds - is that you?

    i need to change my pants

    I'm lead to believe it's Sean Bean

    John Cleese sprang to my mind, actually.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little and gratefully swallowed it. I can't wait!

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