The Glory, The Horror Of The Monster PC

Gah. I don't want to look. And yet, I cannot look away.

Cyclone, a Russian man with a need to construct a custom PC equal parts impressive and horrifying, has built this thing he calls Devastator, after the Transformer of the same name.

I can see trampoline springs, some rugged bodywork, a trolley for portability, and what must be one of the most over-the-top cooling systems we're ever seen.

You can see a progress log (all in Russian) of Cyclone's work below.

Как выиграть конкурс моддинга. [XtremeLabs]


    Cool but where's the DVD / Blu-Ray disc drive?

      I'd say it probably scans them from afar, then disintergrates them with some sort of energy weapon.

    you don't put dvd/blurays in take them from you, with force

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