The Greatest World Of Warcraft Music Video Ever Made

This is what happens when a 25-man Alliance raiding party sacks their own capital city - with rock. They may not have started the fire, but they have created one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen.

The Dark Endeavor guild on the Durotan World of Warcraft server has me seriously considering handing Blizzard money so I can change servers and sides, just on the off chance that I might witness a stunning spectacle like this as it happens. I can only imagine the amount of coordination this must have taken, between getting everyone in their places, timing the text to the song, and making sure the camera angles were perfect. It's sure to spawn a wave of copycats, but none will be quite as impressive as this performance.

This is one of the reason's I love massively multiplayer online games as much as I do. It's the people who look at these virtual worlds and see a playground instead of a series of levels. It's inspiring.

I'll just come right out and say it: The Alliance wins.


    This is awesome. I wonder how many practice runs its took to get the final result.

      This was funny as hell, watched this with a big smile on my face :) and according to Wowprogress, they're an 11/12 HM guild on US.

      The syncing is pretty damn good, considering they probably had to take into account disconnects, AFKs and lag.

    Nice, very entertaining

    Druid Chorus FTW.

      Druids, there's nothing they cannot do. NOTHING!

      PS - Subscribe, they're making another for new years.

    Excellent video. Imagine it took quite a bit of planning to get it to work.

    Love how they're standing outside the Stockade when the line "China's under martial law" comes up.

    To awesome!

    For the alliance! =D

    That was very awesome!

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