The Inception Video Game Is (Still) Happening

Just a few months ago, the director of The Dark Knight and Memento, Christopher Nolan, said he was "looking at" developing a video game based in the world of blockbuster hit Inception. Now he sounds more serious about it.

Nolan tells Entertainment Weekly that the layered universe of Inception is "a world where a lot of other stories could take place" and that video games are "something I've wanted to explore" but reaffirms that the project is still a "longer-term proposition", meaning it's likely years off. Nolan, after all, is currently working on The Dark Knight Rises for 2012.

But EW indicates that Nolan is already working with a "team of collaborators" on the future Inception-based game. If you had your druthers, who would you want Nolan and team to collaborate with on Super Inception World?

Christopher Nolan on his 'last' Batman movie, an 'Inception' videogame, and that spinning top [EW]


    The hell? Psychonauts was made years ago.

    Get Silicon Knights to do it! What's the worst that could happen?!!!


    If they had it in a similar style to Splinter Cell Conviction it could be awesome. Slightly less stealth, ramp up the gunfights, add zero grav and hallway style bits and do so free-roaming sections where you have to avoid making projections suspicious (similar to Assassin's Creed suspicion system) and you have a winner.

    Multiplayer Projections VS thieves would be awesome. Co-op with one player drivng a van in a car chase with the other player heisting on a lower layer would be mad.

    Class systems as well would be great (forger, arcchitect, pointman etc.)

      I like where you're going...

      Definitely a good choice. While playing AC Brotherhood the other night one of the characters said "like a memory within a memory" and it reminded me of Inception. They're already halfway there!

      And I'd be interested to see an attempt at the layering mechanic. Obviously you couldn't have a progressive 1:2 ratio of timeflow but you could have the top layer run a little sluggishly like in Borderlands (though with more 'grounded' gravity like in Gears or Splinter Cell), transitioning down through something like CoD and Halo speeds/physics and with the deeper levels running more like the old Q3/UT where everything moves really fast and is generally more over the top so more stuff happens in shorter spans of time.

      Also with multiplayer then it would be required for players to coordinate their drops in advance because chat channels would be isolated by layer, and you would instead have more basic sound cues like the music from the movie.

      Not to mention the potential for interesting mechanics like, when a VIP dies in certain gametypes, having to send someone to find them in a lower layer whilst others protect the bodies on the current layer.

    Well right now at least we can't complain that it is a true movie game "in the facts". I mean, it hasn't got a deadline to meet with the movie release, so they probably won't rush it?

      in which case we could only hope for another The Thing or Tron 2.0 - good video game sequels to movies :)

        Did you PLAY The Thing?!

    It took him ten years to finaly make the movie, so I'm not holding my breathe.

    This can only suck. You can quote me on that when its released.

      Okay im going to ellaborate on that. What we have as a movie and a concept is a great backdrop to storytelling.

      What we don't have is a good foundation for an interesting game mechanic.

      Best possible scenario: You play as an architect. You design mind bending levels, playing with the forces of physics and space.

      Second best scenario: The game involves stealth as the sub concious projections in someone elses dream world get fidgety when you act out of place, could be thrilling.

      What it will actually be: Standard 3rd person shooter/ beat em up in the style of any of the bad bond games. With the dream layers only represented in cut scenes before a bland cut and paste action scenario with the only highlight being the occasional zero G fighting as a van falls of a cliff or similar bump.

      I have no faith in these tie ins.

    i think they could go 3 ways with the game.

    1. blackwater's suggestion

    2. have it almost like a Sims game, with the house building aspect, but instead you have to build worlds that wouldn't be suspicious to the person being robbed of info. but it could be too much like rollercoaster tycoon 1, where youd spend hours making a sick rollercoaster just for it to be too scary for the customers, but instead youd spend hours making world for it to be to obvious.

    3. play it a bit like an RTS maybe, where you have to try and figure out if/what/who isnt quite right. actually, it wouldn't be a very good RTS, but sortof a detective game. i dont quite know, but you get where im going with it?

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