The Legend Of Minecraft: A Link To The Past

Kotaku reader and Minecraft player Roman DeNu delivers a retro gaming Christmas present, completely recreating the over world from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past with the building blocks Notch provided. Who wants a video walkthrough?

This is an excellent example of what folks with too much free time and a deep love of classics Nintendo gaming can accomplish in Minecraft. Roman spent 108 hours and 59 minutes (he counted!) building this 512 by 512 by 104 block masterpiece, and he has plans to continue the project with a complete reproduction of the Dark World and all of the buildings, caves, and dungeons from the game.

This is love, ladies and gentleman, and Christmas is all about sharing the love. Thanks, Roman!


    Holy f---!

    I want to know the details. Did he just load up a random sp survival map and do it battling zombies and creepers?

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