The Lovely (And Manly) Pin-Ups Of Mass Effect 2

Ukrainian artist Protsenko Pavel has a thing for Mass Effect 2, leaving us with this..interesting gallery, where men look like fire-proof war machines while women look like sexy little pin-up models.

Pavel appears to be compositing different elements of screenshots and actual photographs together, which explains why in some cases the character's joints look...wrong. Still, overall the effect is great!

You could go on about his feelings on gender representation, since Garrus and Grunt are shown walking through fire with guns drawn instead of reclining by a pool with towels draped over their alien junk (or, conversely, that the ladies aren't also walking through fire), but it's too nice a day for that, so let's just enjoy the pretty pictures instead.

Oh, and before you hit the gallery, you should know that while there's nothing here you wouldn't see in a fashion mag (or Alien Mercenary's Digest), there's still a lot of skin on display, so if you're at the office you may want to wait until you get home.

[MadSpike @ DeviantArt, via geekfill]


    No sniper rifle for Garrus? For shame!

    As a game fan interested in gender issues in my fave pastime and the culture it's creating, I wanted to complain about this representation... but I was too busy laughing about "instead of reclining by a pool with towels draped over their alien junk (or, conversely, that the ladies aren’t also walking through fire)"!

    Jack looks so sad =(

      Jack does look really sad. That and the fact she's not wearing pants is making me think rather un-sexy thoughts! Why is she sad? Where did her pants go? I'm not sure that's the angle he's going for in this, but that's a far more powerful piece than a sexy pinup IMO.

        A lap dance is so much better when the stripper is crying.

          That's why those American dollar bills are so absorbent.

          You'd cry too if you lost your pants and someone kept taking pictures of you!

            whether or not those ters were of joy not woul depend on who was taking those photos.
            (and if they got my good side or not.)

    Yep. The females are in highly revealing clothes and positions, while the males are badasses decked out in full armour. Sexual Equality, Woohoo!

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