The Mass Effect Activity And Coloring Book

For the wee Mass Effect fan in your life who prefers coloring inside the lines and navigating mazes, as opposed to making hundreds of dialogue tree choices, give them the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book.

Created by Something Awful forum goer skoolmunkee for the Mass Effect Secret Santa event, the Mass Effect Coloring and Activity Book features hours of entertainment. Connect the dots, crossword puzzles, "Mad Dog Libs", jokes, the opportunity to colour Miranda's arse the way you've always wanted... the activity book has it all!

Some of the content may not actually be suitable for the coloring book crowd, including the make your own dialogue tree - a response to Liara's "Shepard, it's a boy!" - and the draw Jack's tattoos, but it's something you might want to give the Mass Effect fan with the maturity to handle a coloring challenge like this.

You can grab the Mass Effect Activity And Coloring Book from Mass Effect Saves.

Mass Effect Secret Santa [ME Saves]


    Pardon me, but was this not posted last year? Or am I having a bad case of deja vu?

    This is awesome!

    Love the in-jokes - "Help Garrus Calibrate".

    SA Goons are (usually) big fans of ME. The FemShep cosplay crew awhile back were members, and it's one of the biggest threads on the forums.

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite activity book on the Citadel.

    An activity and colouring book for an MA15+ rated (soon to be R18+ if some have their way) game?

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