The Men Behind The Men Of Uncharted 3

This is, wait for it, a making-of clip for a trailer. Silly, we know, but you may want to click play anyways and skip straight to 3:57, because buried amidst the back-slapping is a cool sight.

It is, for those who haven't viewed the "making of" featurettes on the actual Uncharted game dics, a quick glimpse at just why the series has the best "acting" in the video game business today: because it's actually acted.

Uncharted 3 was first shown off this weekend at the Spike Video Game Awards. You can view the reveal trailer here.


    Whats the cool sight?

    Is it the dude's t-shirt that says drake & alena & sully & chloe?

    Or is it the title of the book the guys holding? Is there supposed to be an easter egg in this trailer or something?

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