The Most Shameless Starcraft Rip-Off You'll See This Week

Gameloft is a mobile publisher with a reputation for releasing titles whose settings and designs can sometimes be, let's say, unoriginal. The company's latest reveal, however, may be the most unoriginal of them all.

This is StarFront, an upcoming real-time strategy game for the iPad and iPhone. You will note that it features armoured human forces with large shoulder-pads fighting against an evil bug-like species, with a highly advanced alien race shooting at both of them somewhere in between.

Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah. Starcraft. Which features large armoured human forces with large shoulderpads fighting against an evil bug-like species, with a highly advanced alien race shooting at both of them somewhere in between.

Then consider the trailer shows off the fact all three are fighting over minerals. Then say "StarFront" out loud right after you say "Starcraft".

Come on, Gameloft! Surely generic sci-fi is generic enough you can come up with your own generic take on it!


    And since when was Starcraft the original "guy in hulking Space Marine armour"? I believe Warhammer bet it to the punch by quite a long time.

      Yeah, there's nothing new under the sun, as they say :)
      The Starship Troopers novel had powered marine armour in the 50s (not that I've read it):

      And I'm sure there's sci-fi novels that had the concept before that.
      If you rip off one source, it's plagurism. If you rip off many, it's called research :)

      At least Games Workshop added tonnes of their own ideas on top of their base of blatent, erm, research.

        Geoff, put down whatever you're doing and go and read it... now.

        You will not regret it, I gaurantee* that.

        *not a gaurantee.

          You know, I might just do that!

          I should probably point out that I myself was probably plagurising with that statement about plagurism, because I think I heard it off someone at some point ;)

        Well, Starship troopers (so far as I'm aware, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't refer to its guys as marines, the guy is part of the Mobile Infantry unit.

        I was under the impression that the modern popularisation of "Space Marines" began with the 1986 film "Aliens" (which everyone seems to have missed the point of the whole film. Kind of like Fight Club.).

        However the three races- Straight from 40k. And the above points on Plaguarism- Totally true.

      More to the point, I believer Starcraft was actually originally going to be a Warhammer 40k based game, but Games Workshop pulled out sometime during its development. So Blizzard took what they had done already and morphed it into Starcraft.

      You can clearly see the inspirations, with the Terran obviously from the Space Marines, Zerg from the Tyranids and Protoss from the Eldar.

        Actually I hear the same story about Warcraft being a proposal for a Warhammer game, which came first. I'm not sure the same applied to Starcraft, they may have based it off 40k, but I doubt they pitched it to Games Workshop after Warcraft 2.

        There's no record of this. The fact it was never confirmed, and there's confusion whether it's the Starcraft/Warcraft line make me think it's just that, an urban legend.

        As to who came first, Starship Troopers was the first on the block with the Mobile Infantry chunky armour that's explicitly described as resembling a large steel gorilla and dropping from the sky. Warhammer 40k and Starcraft are just 2 of the countless dozens of franchises that have this theme.

        But aesthetically, this looks more like Starcraft than anything else. There's even banelings and what looks like an Archon in that trailer.

      The true original is Starship Troopers, from the 50's. That's where powa arma comes from.

    Wow! Yeah, that is really familar... Those marines seem to be wearing powered armour exoskeletons, and they're fighting bugs! :)

    Next thing you know they'll be releasing something that rips off Tolkein!

    I like the fact that they are fighting for Spice-berium (or whatever), as well, that's a nice touch :)

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