The Next Soulcalibur Is Already Under Development

Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada and the new Soulcalibur director Daishi Odashima confirmed yesterday that the latest offering in the venerable fighting series is under development.

That image accompanied a tweet from Odashima saying "SC is back!" on Christmas Eve; Harada followed late last night with "Soul Calibur is back!!" We'll take that as confirmation.

No other details for what this is or means, but this sounds like a full sequel, given that the last console version in the Soulcalibur series was SC IV from 2008. The PSP-only Broken Destiny followed in August 2009.

Daishi_CALIBUR on Twitter [seen via Ripten]


    Awesome! New it was coming (like Skyrim), but good to hear confirmation - here's hoping for interactive environments ala Dead or Alive 4.

    Shame they only gave us a screenshot from what I'd say is SCIV. Could be Broken Destiny though. Either way, would have preferred a production shot of some form. =P

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