The Next SSX: What We've Heard So Far

Electronic Arts hasn't released a console game in its once-great snowboarding and skiing series SSX since 2007's SSX Blur for the Wii. But from what we've heard out of the Great White North, a new SSX is well underway.

EA Canada has been working on a new SSX entry for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the past two years, according to a source familiar with development of the game. The next SSX, that source claims, will take the game "back to its roots," but feature controls similar to EA's Skate franchise, using a controller's right analogue stick to perform tricks. Development of the game is said to be handled by much of the Skate team.

Electronic Arts registered new website domains for the SSX franchise earlier this year, indicating that the title of that game could be SSX Deadly Descent or SSX First Descent.

Before that, online surveys were distributed targeted at fans of the SSX series that might tell us more about that game. While much of the survey (and the above artwork) said it "illustrates how the game might look and feel", it appeared that some features weren't final.

But the unnamed snowboarding game was described in the survey as "an intense, moment-to-moment battle against the forces created from riding your snowboard over the most spectacular and remote mountains on Earth". Gameplay involved "avoiding, out-running and even riding on top of massive avalanches; battling hurricane winds; white-outs; bitter cold; falling rocks; and gaping crevasses that open up at a moment's notice".

New and proposed features included the ability to "take part in helicopter drops and rescues, base-jumping, wingsuit/squirrel-suit flying, skyboarding, para-skiing, ice-climbing and more".

Could the new SSX game be the game teased as "The Planet" in anticipation of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, set to air later this week? Conventional wisdom pointed to that teaser as a Battlefield related, but its style and snowy substance could fit the snowboarding game surveyed earlier this year.

Consider these SSX tidbits rumour for now, but pray for snow this weekend when the Spike VGAs air - hopefully with more clear information.


    I am soo excited for a new SSX. LOVE the franchise.

      me too! I played the hell out of the ssx games. Loved that race down the mountain that took half an hour to complete, could never get gold on the damn thing though.


        If you took the quickest paths, you could easily smash 30mins and be on the closer side to 20mins...

          I never did find all the quick paths back then, I want to have another go at it though.

    I absolutely loved SSX Tricky, but got hardly anything out of 3 or On Tour. Can't remember what I thought of Blur, think I only played that for a little before getting distracted by something else. Might've been alright I guess.

    Cautiously optimistic.

    Sorry guys, The best SSX was the very first. with a glance to realism and a lean to insanity through out the game.

    SSX lost it for me as they dove more and more into insanity.

    when is ssx deadly descent coming out does anybody know

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