The Platform That Plays Together Unlocks The Bad Company: Vietnam Map First

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 wanted to see a team spirit on its new Vietnam DLC package before unlocking a remastered Operation: Hastings map. PC players have answered the call first, passing the 69 million "team action" threshold required earlier today.

By comparison, the Xbox 360 community is about halfway there (37 million team actions), and the PS3 community trails that total by 10 million. What's a team action? It's the three Rs and an H. And an S. Resupply, revive, repair, heal and spot. Any of those carried out in BFBC2 Vietnam, retroactive to its release date, counts toward the unlock total.

The glorious PC community's triumph could be attributed to any number of factors. Maybe it has more players, or more players putting in more time. Or maybe they are more selfless and public-spirited.


Battle for Hastings [Battlefield: Bad Company 2 official site, via The Escapist]


    While I can't at this point provide a source for the info, I did see it mentioned earlier today that the 360 has about 300,000 more players than the PC version.

    So, 360 players are not team players, man.

      I'm pretty sure i saw that someone from EA (I forgot where this was) said that PC had more players than both consoles but not together.

      they might play less (per person average) as well

    Glorious master race confirmed.

    are the teams bigger on PC?

    Also, it didn't look like DICE reset the counter like they said they would. So the PC count did in fact start on the 18th, whereas the console count didn't start til the US 21st.


      It's 16v16 on PC.

    Put a spin on the figures anyway you want, the fact remains. PC Players are generally a lot more open to Team actions and Multiplayer with strangers in general. After playing PC most of my life, I recentley ventured onto Xbox Live, and the amount of people who tell me to fuck off, just because I am a new player, is massive. This just does not happen often on PC, they actually help you and want you to play with them. L4D2 is a prime expamle as well as BFBC2.

      l4d1/2 is not a prime example because the setup for its multiplayer/servers/crashing/lag/general badness is terrible on the consoles. The port is to blame there, not the players.

      Also, like people have said, more players on bc2 on pc, more teams, ie, more teamwork. Also, steam sale where bc2 was like 5-10 bucks (don't remember exactly) the day before vietnams release may have helped boost pc player numbers.

    also, battlefield has been on sale on steam, so there would hae been a fair few more new players on the PC version

    "No one plays FPSs on PC anymore."


      lol that made me smile

    No surprise at all the PC got there first, considering they had a couple days lead on the consoles in terms of when the game was released!

      It says on the site the counter started at the same time for all 3 platforms.

      Looking at the numbers ... Even if they had been counting from exactly the same moment PC players would have still got there first. 30,000,000 team actions is a hell of a lead over the other two platforms.

      Even now just checking the website 360 players are at 43 million (26 million to go!) while PS3 players are at 32 million (37 million to go). I can't see a couple of days making a huge difference to how the figures would end up.

      Except that the actual counts started on the same day for all (PC head start period wasn't counted).

      Also looking at the global BC2 game stats (not just Vietnam) for all platforms indicate that while Xbox360 and PS3 have significantly more hours played individually than the PC they are only marginally ahead of the PC on team actions (

      PC - 55,635,491 hours -- 753,046,266 Team Actions
      PS3 - 90,384,871 hours -- 763,807,792 Team Actions
      Xbox - 95,344,581 hours -- 824,928,536 Team Actions

      It's clearly a case of PC gamers playing in a more team / squad oriented way.

      I know a couple of people who have played on both console and PC. They've indicated there's a clear difference in general attitude of players on console compared to PC.

      Interestingly, the consoles are way ahead on dog tags collected, from which I guess you can draw your own conclusions.

    I was playing Operation Hastings on PS3 this morning.

    Cool map. Great game. Another example of DLC done right.

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