The PS2 Isn't Gone, It's In This TV

The PlayStation 2 isn't dead. It's just sleeping. Sleeping in the belly of this Sony Bravia LCD television set, with which it's become a co-habitant in a bargain-priced entertainment solution.

This is the KDL-22PX300, a TV that's recently been released in Europe. Up top is a compact 22-inch LCD screen, capable of a maximum resolution of 720p. There's also room for 4x HDMI cables, 2x optical audio cables and 3x USB ports.

Slung underneath, though, is the object of our curiosity: it's a PlayStation 2, embedded within the design of the TV and giving the set not just inbuilt access to a PS2, but by extension a DVD and CD player as well. It's even got access to Sony's Bravia online video service.

Sure, the screen is tiny and the PS2 is as old as the hills, but at around £200 ($320), it's a great budget purchase for a kid's room or guest room.

Thanks Stephane!


    Now if that's a region free ps2, we'll talk.

    but i payed $500 not too long ago for a 22" sony :\

    That's it, I'm getting one.

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