The PS3 May Have Just Had Its Front Door Kicked In

Forget jailbreak devices; the same team who broke the Wii wide open now claims to have done the same for the PlayStation 3, leaving Sony's console at the mercy of homebrewers and pirates alike.

During proceedings at the 27th Chaos Communication Conference, a group of hackers gave a presentation called "PS3 Epic fail". You can see where this is going. Sparing you the overly-technical explanation, the team claim to have found the PS3's "private cryptography key", a skeleton key of sorts for the console that would allow users to install and run their own code on the machine.

It's hoped that tools allowing the installation of Linux - something Sony blocked earlier this year - will be released by the group next month. And from there, the sky - or, at least, a ton of pirated and homebrewed games - is the limit.

Hackers obtain PS3 private cryptography key due to epic programming fail? (video) [Engadget]


    Cough cough... firmware update... cough cough.

    Now they just have to jailbreak the Xbox 360. So the developers don't have to complain about piracy issues on PC. It'll be the same all around.

    Nice picture

    Great, I may soon finally be able to make a decent media server of the PS3.

    Didn't this happen around 7 months ago?

    Well, it had a long run, considering both the Wii and 360 were moddable within the first year.

    This is pretty bad...

    No firmware update will be able to solve this. If you have the public key for your console then you can sign and execute pretty much anything you want to.

    If Sony tries to revoke or replace the key then any games released up until this point will no longer work on your console - and every single ps3 out there is now exploitable.

    If this becomes too much of a problm then dev's will simply stop making games for the ps3 or we will go back to the days where the ports to the ps3 are very bad.

    Though i do look forward to ps3 media center! :)

      I bet to differ

      Sales will increase due to the fact that hamebrew and pirated games can be used. That's why original xbox sold so well, it was a gold mine of awesome after it was mod chipped. Come on xbmc!


    I'm slightly confused about this, though - does this actually enable games to be pirated and run? Or does it just allow people to make their own homebrew software and run Linux? Or all of the above?

    Sony asked for this when they took Linux away, now they can live with it.

      no, they took linux away because people were trying to take advantage of it for piracy, they wouldnt just cut a feature for no reason.

      from what i've read, when they mean the security is Epic Fail, they meant it was weaker than that of the wii's and isnt fixable with firmware.

      With their hands on the private keys, it now means anything can be signed and used on retail ps3's (homebrew) but it also opens up a greater likelihood of piracy becoming big. think what the jailbreaks did, but this time firmware updates cant stop it, and without a USB.

      So just wait and see pirates, hackers, cheats flooding psn after this comes out

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