The PSP Had A Very Good Year (In Japan)

Sony's six-year-old PSP may feel in need of an update, but the portable PlayStation managed to still be the bestselling platform in Japan this year, where Monster Hunter (and its clones) made 2010 great year for the PSP.

That's according to a report from ASCII Media Works, publisher of Dengeki game magazines, which pegs the PSP as the number one platform in Japan for 2010. It was something of a close race, though, with the Nintendo DS in all of its flavors lagging just behind.

  • PSP - 2,729,718
  • Nintendo DS - 2,719,544
  • Wii - 1,592,563
  • PlayStation 3 - 1,542,258
  • Xbox 360 - 231,258
  • PlayStation 2 - 83,030

2010年で最も売れたゲームはポケモン黒・白! [ASCII via 1UP]


    I am pretty sure that is because every man, woman, child and their dog has at least two DS's already...

    if only we got half the games on psp over here that they get in japan... =[

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