The Secret Of Mana Laid Bare On The iPhone

Proving once more that iTunes cards make excellent Christmas gifts, today Square Enix brings the classic Super Nintendo action role-playing game The Secret of Mana back to life on the iPhone.

The Secret of Mana is the Super Nintendo sequel to the Japanese Game Boy title Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden, released in North America as Final Fantasy Adventure. It's the story of a young boy who stumbles upon a magical sword and winds up being the only person who can save the world from imminent destruction. It sounds pretty unoriginal, but back in 1993 when the game was first released it was... OK, still pretty unoriginal.

But the action-RPG gameplay is top notch, the graphics were pretty gorgeous by Super Nintendo standards, and the game launched a long-lived series that's had fans eagerly awaiting a new entry since 2007's Heroes of Mana for the Nintendo DS.

The iPhone version of the game features all of the role-playing goodness of the original, with touchscreen controls replacing the standard Super Nintendo game pad.

What's not to like? Well $11.99 seems like a hefty price for a Super Nintendo port, but who can put a price on nostalgia?

Square Enix can, and that price is $11.99. Who's buying?


    Okay, can we get one thing straight here? Please get the title correct. It's not THE Secret of Mana. There's no "The" in the title. The game is titled Secret of Mana.

    This is one of my all time favourite games.
    Don't have/want an iPhone though so no buying the game for the third time just yet.

    As cool as this is, its too expensive for my liking

    Never wanted an iPhone until now. :)

    You can play these games on iPod Touch, correct?

    I will get an iPod touch one day and will play this to death...again. The only Mana game I love.

    $11.99 seems a bit pricey for me... would maybe consider it if it was $5.99 or something around there

    Square Enix games have always been overpriced on iDevices. This is no exception.

    you can get it free on any android phone with snesoid and the rom

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