The Sun Rises, And There Are New Pokémon Toys

Pokémon Black & White will be out in the US in early 2011. That means Pokéfever is back in full swing, and Pokéfever means Pokémon action figures.

Or, in this case, "model kits" of the new game's three starter Pokémon. That means you'll be able to buy little immovable representations of Tepig, Snivy and Oshawatt in January, February and March respectively. All three will cost you a little under USD$7, so yeah, they won't break your bank!

As a bonus, each one comes with a little Pikachu, one of which is looking mighty unhappy for an animal that gets paid millions to sit in a ball for 23 hours a day.

[via Tomopop]


    The starters this generation have been a huge disappointment. And after they did so well in Gen IV too, which is the sad thing.

      Well that's like your opinion bro.

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