The Super Mario All-Stars Unboxing Is Sad For Luigi Fans

Nintendo sent a copy of Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii to Kotaku HQ today, a premium package filled with four classic Super Mario Bros. video games and very little mention of the Mario's frequently overlooked brother Luigi.

The star of Luigi's Mansion does pop up now and then in this celebration of the more famous Super Mario Bros. hero. Watch as Kotaku Deputy Editor flips through the included Super Mario History art booklet, breaks some bad news about the Wii's capabilities to play the second disc included in this collection and slaps a Wii game a little too harshly.

Easy, Totilo. There's Mario games on that thing!


    Wow, no Luigi in the Bros. 25th anniversary. How can anyone at Nintendo who made this (many art and management people) overlook this. Must be intentional.. nut why?

    If you love Luigi so much why dont you marry him?

      Good point. I think Michael should answer this.

    He's Mario, only green and a coward. That clearly means he is important.

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