The Ultimate Valkyria Chronicles Tribute

Crystal Graziano, one of the world's finest cosplayers (and whose Metal Gear Solid outfits blew us away at the Tokyo Game Show), is also a big fan of Sega strategy series Valkyria Chronicles.

In this gallery, she transforms into Selvaria Bles, getting not just the outfit right, but the, uh, proportions of the evil lady too. Joining her is Radi Jaeger, who isn't quite as spectacular, the well-crafted outfit falling short of a perfect recreation because real men don't have necks and jaws like Sega men do.

Selvaria Bles & Radi Jaeger - Valkyria Chronicles [Precious Cosplay - Thanks Valkyriafan4247!]


    there can be only one possible comment

    Whoa she suits perfectly

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