The Visually Sumptuous Infinity Blade

Gaming on the iPhone has now perhaps its greatest champion, a sword and magic fighter created by the team behind Gears of War.

The $US6 game, due out tomorrow, delivers the sort of graphics and gameplay familiar to console gamers, but long thought impossible on an Apple device.

In this video I take a look at why I've played through this game seven times, and can't seem to stop.


    UM.... on the app store in AUS NOW!!!


    Not sure if it is worth picking up... does anyone know the length and weather it will have a decent amount of actual gameplay? I am happy with $8 but just don't want to waste cash if it is a glorified demo? I don't expect that, but wondering if anyone knows any more about it as I have not really been paying attention to any reviews?

      I'd personally wait until an App store sale. The gameplay is quite thin, it's a point and click adventure.

      Move to screen > kill the monster in that room > moove to next one. There are around half a dozen such rooms. At the end, you duel the endboss who will kill you, then you respawn and start over.

      Since you don't actually control movement, the graphics could be pre-rendered (like Myst) and it wouldn't make any difference. The gameplay is essentially Fruit Ninja slashing with a couple of buttons for block/dodge.

    This is out now in the AU app store for $8.

    Wonder how it will play on iphone 2g or 3g, probably laggy.
    That style gameplay would be great for the PS move I think.

      Actually maybe that is what Kinect developers need to focus on - console quality iphone style games. Cause kinect would work much like a multitouch screen but better.

        Yeah, take this method of gameplay, implement with a game like Demons Souls and you have that hardcore motion controlled game that everyone is pining for.
        I would buy kinect/move just for a game like that.

    I bought the game and have been playing it on Ipad for the last couple of days non-stop, yes it is a bit repetive, but It looks georgous and I can't stop trying to level up my character with new weapons, armor, magic rings, helmets I'm about $60000 away from buying the Infinity Blade itself. Can't wait for the free update that will bring multiplayer capability new enemies, new weapons and new fighting areas.

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