The Wii Didn't Start The Fire

File this under: 'we thought this would be lame but it turned out to be awesome'. A brilliant reworking of Billy Joel's 'We Didn't Start The Fire', replacing history spinning 'classic' with the history of video games. Watch and have your heart warmed.


    Wow. That's actually really good!

    Some of the rhymes are questionable, but still a magnificent job :D

    Wow! That's really awesome! So much nostalgia *wipes tear*

    ahhhh...finished with HL2.

    that was pretty good.

    Yup, definitely belongs to "we thought this would be lame but it turned out to be awesome".

    Its amazing how far technology has gone in the past 40 years or so. I remember quite alot of this stuff as as kid. G4TV ftw <3 :P

    It was good... but just reminded me that I probably can't play my NES anymore because I lack the lung capacity to get the games working.

    Kudos, they did a great job and I agree, expected crud but was pleasantly surprised :)

    Haha, awesome, and very clever too.

    THAT WAS AWESOME. especially the ending.

    i cant believe they actually mentioned yahtzee, i didnt think he was that well known.


    Love the original song. Love what they've done with it here.

    That made my holidays

    Don't blow on cartridges! It can accelerate oxidation of the contacts.

    Very cool!

    not quite as good as College Humour's "We didn't start the flame war" but still pretty sweet.

      Don't bother going to watch 'we didn't start the flame war', I just did and I want those minutes of my life back. Terrible.

      This on the other hand, pwns.

    PMSL at the kid opening the N64... that never gets old.

    What !! No C64? No Spectrum, no Amiga. Seriously the narrow focus on sega and nintendo in the states is extremely sad...

    "Your parents help you hook it up"
    Gold, pure gold!

    Hehe lol so jaguar?? Lol :p hehe nice video :p nes is like a new when you open it and clean the 72 pin cartridge with Brasso metal polish ;p

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