The Year's Most Popular Gaming YouTube Videos

Starcraft II, Flower Warfare, Gears of War 3, Call of Duty, it was a spectacularly diverse, spectacularly video-centric year for video games.

Presented here for your enjoyment is YouTube's own breakdown of the year's most viewed videos from the gaming category on YouTube for 2010.

In handing over these ten videos, YouTube tells Kotaku that they edited the list so that there aren't more than one video about a single game. Though Freddiew still managed to make the list twice, but he's worth it.

10: Gears of War 3 Trailer

9: World's Fastest Nuke? - Legit or Not? (MW2 Gameplay/Commentary)

8: Modern Warfare 2 Mythbusters: Episode 3

7: Flower Warfare - Psychedelic Action Scene

6: This Is The Only Level Too 2 Walkthrough/Speedrun - 3:02 - 1 Death + Easter Egg Location

5: StarCraft II - Ghosts of the Past Trailer

4: Aimbot

3: Poptropica - Mythology Island

2: Bioshock Mounts Activsion's Apprentice!

And the number one video...

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Multiplayer Teaser

Which ones did YouTube and Kotaku miss? Drop your own favourites in comments so we can check them out.


    you forgot Huskystarcrafts Banelings video

      This, Was a bloody marvellous video and such a catchy tune.

      "Banelings Banelings Banelings OH..."

    Is it just me or are the rankings and the youtube videos totally out of alignment... the #3 video is below the #2 text etc...

      NOt just you. they are completely stuffed up. There is no video for number 9. Well there is but it is under 8, 8 is under 7 etc. And the number 1 video isn't even there.

      Then again I have read other posts on Kotaku lately where they supposedly showcase a video and no video appears nor a link to one. At least some of these appear.

      same problem here

      yeah its completely outta whack... great editing folks!

    freddie is my favourite youtuber of all time! Also Banelings should of made this list :D

    Lego Black Ops:

    How to Zombie Proof Your Car:

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