There Are Too Many Damn Mobile Phone Game Commercials

If you flip on your television, chances are pretty high you'll see a McDonald's ad. For those living in Japan, chances are higher you'll see a mobile phone game commercial. Way higher.

For the month of December, the most common commercial on greater Tokyo television was for mobile game site Gree with 2800 commercials. Number two was rival gaming site Mobage with 2000 commercials. Mobage operator DeNA is currently in hot water due to its business practices.

To put things into context, 7Eleven was number four with somewhere between 600 and 700 commercials, while McDonalds was number six.

Both Gree and Mobage are making tens of billions of yen annually - and spending a good chunk of that on air time. Check out some of their ads below.

公取立ち入り検査で露呈した 無料ゲームの危うい収益構造 [Yahoo!ニュース][Pic]


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