There's A PC Remake Of GoldenEye Out Too, You Know

GoldenEye Source, a mod project that's been in production for over five years, has finally been released. As in, it's no longer in beta; the hi-def PC port of the classic N64 shooter is now finished.

While the recent re-release of the game on Wii was a fun piece of nostalgia, the Wii being a Nintendo console and all, this remake - done in Valve's venerable Source Engine, which powers Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 - obviously looks a lot better.

It's important to note that it's multiplayer only, unlike the Wii version, which retained the singleplayer campaign as well. But this is GoldenEye. Who's playing for singleplayer?

It's been a hell of a ride for the volunteer developers; having begun work in 2005, the team's leader Nickster sadly passed away two years later. Despite this setback, the team perservered, and last week were finally able to bring the game out of beta.

You can download and play the game for free at the link below.

GoldenEye: Source [ModDB]


    A single Player would have been better 10 fold.

    Who would want to buy a console?

      Apparently hundres of millions of people over the last 20 or so years... *shrug* Go figure. Must be a fad.

    Play this. It is fantastic and an amazing remake, with old levels and new updated versions.

    Five years and it's multiplayer only?

    Screw that...

    I vote this for the next community playdate. Or matchmaker. Whichever works.

    Yeah, I downloaded the beta only to find out it was multi-player only (it wasn't that clear on the site at the time) and then deleted it straight away. I was a Nintendo loner at the time so didn't even player multiplayer Goldeneye. I did clock single player though.

    I would have only played this for the singleplayer. Multiplayer would be a fantastic addition only if it was LAN, but again, it'd just be there as a great addition to singleplayer.

    Shame that after all this time, it came out this way.

    Only interested in singleplayer. Soooo... yeah.

    Shame on you all for criticising the absence of SP - this game is perfectly consistent with the whole Bond feel.

    Remember all those movies where he'd attack a base with a handful of Bond clones, all spouting puerile barbs at each other?

    Good times ...

    Wow so much negative energy towards a team that has spent 5 years working to bring an experience to people free of charge.

    I'm with Cerzel on this one, can we make it a playdate?

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