These Are Not Action Figures, They Are Nintendo Games

You'll usually find something being crammed in a "blister pack" when it's an action figure or a control pad. You don't normally see video games shipped that way.

But it turns out that in Western Europe (and very rarely Canada), in the 1980s and 1990s, you could find classic Nintendo games encased in plastic, hanging from a rack like you would a GI Joe or Star Wars figure.

You can see some pics here, from the original Zelda on the NES to Star Fox on the Super Nintendo right through to Nintendo 64 games. Packaging aficionados may find that enough of a reason to get hot under the collar, but collectors should also be on notice, as it seems these rarities fetch crazy prices on the open market. Like, $US1000+ prices.

NES Nintendo French PAL Blister Packs (& N64 / SNES) [Game Sniped]


    Blister packs are the world's worst form of packaging to open...

      They require scissors. And the things inside them are usually adversely effected by scissors. The horror!

    Not to nitpick, but as a toy collector, this sort of packaging is usually classified as 'clamshell' and is designed to be difficult to open to discourage shoplifting etc.

    A "blister pack" is the more traditional toy packaging which is a plastic 'blister' stuck on a cardboard backing.

    That said, seeing games in this sort of package is weirding me out.

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