These Xbox Indies Look Very Good

Did you ever look at the Xbox Live Indie Games channel and think that the games all suck? If so, you didn't look closely enough.

This week starts the Winter Games Uprising, a week of new indie games that aren't supposed to be stinkers or cash-ins. That's the official trailer for the games up top. All are from the hungry developers who create games on the channel with only the approval of their peers (Microsoft by and large stays out of it.)

Some of the games are supposed to be out today, but there are no official release dates. The scheduling is determined by how quickly each game gets through the peer review process. Prices for the games fun from $US1-$US5. All games will have free demos.

You can search for Indie Games by logging onto Xbox Live and browsing through the Indie shop in the games marketplace.


    I wouldn't know if they all suck BECAUSE WE STILL DON'T HAVE IT IN AUSTRALIA!
    I really wish we could get the Indie channel here.

    I can only assume the sole purpose of this post is to mock us

    Would be nice to have something that America has had for some time now.

    Oh well, they're the ones not getting our money.

    Now is the winter of your content! But not for those in Australia!

    yeah there was one time I accidently stumbled into the indie channel and browesed the countless cheap games available to me.

    Oh wait no that was a dream because we can't get the fucking games!

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