This Final Fantasy IV Trailer Is Complete

For the umpteenth time Final Fantasy IV is getting remade. This time, it's being called Final Fantasy IV: Complete. Hopefully that'll mean developer Square Enix is finished remaking FFIV.

The game features Final Fantasy IV as well as Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Final Fantasy IV Complete will be out next spring in Japan.


    They really need to move on. There are two great games in FFV and FFVI that have been sitting there for years (and no, I do not want an FFVII remake, I still think it's too fresh in people's minds to be worthy of one). You can't really call their PS1 releases a remake as almost nothing was changed.

    I'll stick with the DS version, but the fact that they're including the after year is a good incentive for PSP only owners.

    You mustn't forget to mention the playable bridging chapter between FFIV and The After Years.

    I think Square is the very definition of Japanese developer stagnation. Are they THAT creatively bankrupt?

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