This Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table Is Incredible

This is an exact 10:1 scale model of the original NES controller - fully functional, with a working NES and the original Super Mario Bros. inside. Also - if you feel like joining in on what is sure to be a furious bidding frenzy on Ebay - you could bid on, and possibly end up owning this ingenius coffee table!

According to the video below, this was made for a French movie, but now the creators are selling it on Ebay in an auction which begins tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, I'm considering selling my apartment to buy this thing.

Enormous 10:1 Scale NES Coffee Table Actually Works


    Dude, that is well and truly amazing! Sell all your MGS stuff and you should be able to afford it!

    where's the ebay link? On their site it goes to a French seller but no sign of the table?

    I could genuinely play with that.

    I just bought a tabletop arcade machine for my games room. If I hadn't I'd seriously consider buying this.

    So......anyone want to buy a kidney?

    I really want a Nintendo coffee table. It's probably the coolest coffee table that I've ever seen. And you can actually play games with it. Nice!

    EDIT: I only allowed this spam to get through because I found it hilarious.

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