This Game Looked Better On Paper

It's a common complaint that too many games these days are brown. Or grey. Or a brownish shade of grey. So it's nice sometimes to spend a little time with the rest of the colour wheel.

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom was a game released earlier this year. It was...forgettable, which isn't meant as a slight against the game (which I admittedly haven't played), just as a statement of fact. Not many people were, or are, terribly aware of the game.

Its gameplay is seemingly heavily inspired by classic PS2 platform puzzler Ico, which is understandable when you look at this concept art for the game. It basically is (or was intended to be) Ico, had Sony ever got around to making a Yellow Submarine version of the game.

The whole thing had a very hand-crafted look, like we were supposed to be playing through a children's fairy tale.

As is the way with most games built in 3D, it's a shame much of this original, 2D artistic vision was lost by the time Maijin made it to store shelves. That's not to say the final product looks bad - it looks pretty cool! - just, the kind of designs in this concept art looked better.

[via Eastern Mind]


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