This Is How Valkyria Chronicles 3 Begins

Next January, the third instalment in the Valkyria Chronicles fights its way on to the PSP. January is so far away, so why don't you watch the game's opening right now?

Headed to Japanese shops on January 27, Valkyria Chronicles III takes place during the Second European War and follows the exploits of a Gallian squad called "The Nameless".

While Valkyria Chronicles II was released on the PSP, the first Valkyria Chronicles was released on the PS3. It was also influenced by Gears of War.

openning [YouTube]


    Why oh why did they make this PSP exclusive. While my PSP is essentially dead to me, my PS3 sure isn't and Valkyria Chronicles was def one of the standout exclusives.

    Also, this trailer looks exceedingly Japanese. Lots of gigantic swords and jumping around. HHMmmmmm

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