This Is One Extremely Rugged Portable PlayStation 3

Legendary console modder Ben Heck's creations are normally quite elegant, but when a couple in Afghanistan asked for something rugged, he gave them this majestic beast.

What you're looking at is a PlayStation 3 built into an existing Pelican Storm case. It features a 22 inch LCD display, built-in speakers, networking, a TV tuner, and a little storage space to keep everything nice and compact.

The mod was built for a couple in Afghanistan that were looking for something portable enough to lug around with them yet tough enough to survive being banged up. Weighing in at around 14kg, this custom PlayStation 3 should fit the bill nicely.

See how Ben built this monster in the latest episode of the Ben Heck Show over at element14.

Ruggedized PS3 [Ben Heck]


    That is actually pretty cool, and for a war torn area like Afghanistan it is also pretty practical.

    Out of curiosity, anybody know the price tag for this mod?

      I'd imagine they'd cost a fair bit. This one was given to the couple for free. He gives away kits like this sometimes, but I don't think he's set a price, because it seems like most mods he produces are unique, so the cost would vary.

      You'd have to email him for a quote if you were seriously considering it.

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