This Is The Official PlayStation Move Submachine Gun

In case the official PlayStation Move handgun wasn't powerful enough, Sony today reveals the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter, a $US40 Killzone 3-friendly plastic housing for your Move and navigation controller. Or you could just buy the new jungle green Dualshock 3.

Now that Sony has their answer to the Wii remote and nunchuck it's time for unnecessary plastic controller housings to add that extra dose of reality to games like SOCOM 4, Killzone 3, and Dead Space Extraction. You've already spent $US49.99 on the Move controller and $US29.99 on the navigator. You might as well add on the extra $US39.99 the Sharp Shooter will run you once it comes out in February.

What does $US40 buy, besides a shiny plastic shell? You get an adjustable shoulder stock, a digital trigger, a firing mode selector and "realistic" pump action. Sony's peripheral product manager Anand Agarwal says it "will truly offer the most intuitive and immersive control experience ever found in a shooter game". Sounds fancy!

Me, I'll just stick to the Dualshock 3. Perhaps I'll grab the new Jungle Green colour coming out in February to coincide with the launch of Killzone 3.

New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment [PlayStation Blog]


    Looks kinda cool until you realise it has a big lollipop sticking out the front.

    That is so cool.. Maybe I'll grab a PS3 just for the sake of getting back to Killzone again. Loved the first one but I havent played the second on :(

    This would feel unnatural to me, i always hold a light gun in my left hand..... but thats spose to be used on the navigation controller

    Maybe if they had one with the navigation controller in the handle

    I like the Green Controller, shame that it's not the entire controller that is green though! :(

    I don't get why ppl are hating on this, it seems functional enough for it's purpose. Who cares what it looks like, you're NEVER going to look cool holding a plastic gun...!

      I would if I was Johnny Depp standing next to Monica Belluci.

        No, you wouldn't... you'd be "that guy blocking everyones view of Monica Belluci".

    Wonder if you can get this thing through Australian Customs? .... They can get pretty anal with anything that resembles a gun.

      This isn't a privately import peripheral. It's going to be retailed in stores. And light guns are fine as long as they don't resemble real firearms (bright colours etc). With the plastic bulb on the end, I think this would have no problem.

    If I ever get the move, I'd get this with it right away!

    Why didn't they just go the Wii Zapper route and have the nunchuk at the back instead of a stock? That would make more sense wouldn't it?

    This MP5 looking thing looks uncomfortable as hell to use. Nunchuk isn't where the foregrip should be.

    This would be far more realistic and fun on Kinect!

    You wouldn't even need a gun! And the aim would be unbelievably accurate!

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